Should Countertops be Lighter or Darker Than Cabinets

CBD Glass affords you the option to create glass countertops for the kitchen in any color under the sun, including bright hues, pastel shades, metallics, and a combination of the above. You love the variety at your fingertips, but you must admit, it’s created a dilemma.

You’re not sure if you should match your glass countertop to your kitchen cabinets, go lighter than the cabinet color, or darker. What is the right solution?

Kitchen countertops should be lighter than the cabinets if you want that ideal blend of colors.

However, that’s not mandatory by any means. After all, it’s your kitchen, so you should design it how you want it.

This guide will explore the benefits of lighter-colored and darker-colored kitchen countertops to help you choose the right one for your home.

frosted glass bar top

Light-Colored Kitchen Counter Benefits

One of the advantages of a lighter-colored counter against darker cabinetry is that it’s the design ideal. Your kitchen will look phenomenal, like something out of a home interiors magazine.

Every morning when you come into your kitchen to start your day, you’ll love how appealing your kitchen looks.

On the weekend, you’ll spend extra time in there because of its cozy vibe. The same goes for weekdays. You might begin meal prepping for the whole week because your kitchen has such an inviting vibe.

You can also brighten the room with lighter-colored countertops without adding expensive lighting.

dark glass countertop

Dark-Colored Kitchen Counter Benefits

Although it’s maybe not the ideal, darker countertops against lighter-colored kitchen cabinets can look appealing too.

By far, the biggest benefit of a dark-colored counter is how easy it is to maintain it. Stains, smudges, crumbs, and fingerprints don’t stand out nearly as much on a darker counter as they do on a lighter one.

You should still prioritize cleaning the counter at least once a week to avoid the spread of germs, but in the interim, your counter will hide your sins.

Dark-colored kitchen counters also add a sense of sexiness and mystery to your kitchen that perhaps it desperately needs!

What About Matching Counters and Cabinets?

Another option for you to consider is matching the counter and cabinetry colors, so a light-colored counter and cabinets or a dark-colored counter and cabinets.

Making everything one color can cause the kitchen to look washed out whether that’s a darker or lighter color selection. All lights will brighten up the kitchen, but without anything to contrast it, the room might appear a bit too bright.

All darks create the opposite effect, in which your kitchen is a little too dark and dreary.

Again, it’s your kitchen, so decorate it your way, but these are just pointers for conventional decorating.

Ready to Order Your Glass Kitchen Counters?

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