Should a Glass Table Top be Tempered?

You have a table in your home that you’re particularly fond of and would like to protect. Okay, make that several tables. Whether it’s a brand-new dining table you want to remain pristine, a hand-me-down you care deeply about, or any other special table, a glass tabletop could be what you’re looking for.

At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we specialize in glass accent items for the home and commercial use, including glass tabletops. Before you invest in a protective glass layer, you have one question. Should that glass be tempered?

While tempered glass is a good idea for some glass surfaces, if you get a glass tabletop that’s half an inch thick, tempering is generally unnecessary.

Keep reading for when and when not to get your glass tabletop tempered. You’re not going to want to miss it!

What Is Tempered Glass?

When glass is tempered, it’s another way of saying that glass is reinforced or strengthened. The glass undergoes a treatment that’s chemical or thermal in nature to make it less likely to break. If comparing it to standard annealed glass, tempered glass is shatterproof at a rate of five to seven times greater.

That doesn’t mean tempered glass is completely impenetrable to damage, as that’s not the case. It’s just much more difficult to break. If you’ve ever tried to smash out a passenger side window in a car or truck (like for an emergency), then you know how hard it is to break tempered glass.

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When Should a Glass Tabletop be Tempered?

Whether your glass tabletop will be tempered before installation on your table depends on how thick it is. Any glass surfaces that are 3/8 inches thick or ¼ inches thick are not impact-proof enough on their own. By tempering these glass tabletops, you can rely on them to withstand any damage that your table does not have to bore the brunt of.

When Should a Glass Tabletop Not be Tempered?

Once you get into thicker glass, such as that which is half an inch thick, then tempering becomes unnecessary. This glass is already so hardy that it would be tough to break it.

That said, you do not need glass with a thickness of half an inch for every table in your home. For larger coffee tables or dining tables, this makes sense. For a small end table, the glass doesn’t need to be nearly that thick.

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Ready to Order Your Glass Tabletop? Call CBD Glass Today

Now that you know more about the importance of tempering glass as well as when it’s not needed, you think you’re ready to choose the right glass tabletop for your home. At CBD Glass, you can customize every last part of your tabletop design, including the thickness of the glass.

We don’t just stop there. If you want texture so your glass looks unique or you wish to change the shape and size of the glass tabletop, just ask, as we can do it.