Shop These Popular Decorative Glass Trends from CBD Glass

There are few things worse than a dated house. If your interior is so last season, now is the perfect time to remodel. You can go room to room or gut the entire interior and start over. No matter the scope of your project, glass is a great material to use. Not only is glass lasting and versatile, but it’s also quite trendy. Check out some of these 2016 decorative glass trends that you can shop at CBD Glass.

Mosaic tiles have been a beloved option for years, and that hasn’t changed this year, nor will it change anytime soon. Whether you want to redo the walls of your bathroom or kitchen, mosaic tiles add some funky fun to a room. If you’re concerned about privacy, glass bricks from CBD Glass are available in a variety of colors and textures. Choose from aqua blue glass or backpainted glass in any hue you can think of. The colors and textures prevent transparency and limit visibility through the walls.

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For those who truly want a home redo, glass walls are becoming quick favorites in 2016. While everyone knows that spending moderate time outside is good for you, you may not always have the time for outdoor activity. Now you can bring the outdoors inside and get some vitamin D while you’re at it when you get floor-to-ceiling glass windows from CBD Glass. Open up a living room, a study, an entertainment room, or a home office. While this choice is not for the faint of heart, your home will be gorgeous and contemporary.

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Combining glass with other materials is another trend that you can easily replicate for your home remodeling project. In particular, decorators prefer mixing black steel or iron with glass for tough yet timeless home décor. Think metal end tables with glass surfaces or a mirror with a steel frame. You can even go bigger, getting a black iron entertainment center with transparent glass panels that let you see your collection of movies, video games, and more.

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Backpainting your decorative glass is totally in right now. CBD Glass has offered backpainting all along. This decorative touch really brings out the texture of the glass. Whether you prefer neutral shades (black, white, silver, gold, gray), earthy colors (copper, brown, deep greens, rust orange), or bright hues (red, rich blue, purple, yellow, or a multicolored swirl), CBD can backpaint your glass to your exact specifications so you can have the home of your dreams.

If you’re ready to start shopping these trends, contact CBD Glass. This company is based in Toronto, Canada and can design glass fixtures, bricks, furniture, railings, shower enclosures, frameless doors, shower doors, decorative glass items, sinks and basins, backsplashes and countertops. All of these are made your way. You can send along your specs or a blueprint for the work you want done. You’ll then get a quote and your project can get underway. Home remodeling projects are easy with CBD Glass.