Rethinking Furniture with Glass

While the color of the walls, the flooring, and the décor are all major components to decorating a room, the furniture can really make or break it. Maybe you prefer your rooms to have a uniformity, so you choose a few colors and stick within that scheme. Perhaps you like to go bold, so you choose a brave furniture piece in a funky color that doesn’t blend in with any of its surroundings.

When it comes to furniture, there are so many options out there. Have you considered glass furniture for your home-decorating needs? After reading this post, you seriously should. Here are some great ways to decorate your living room, den, entertainment room, bedroom, or sitting room with glass furniture.

Mirrored Dresser or Armoire

A mirrored glass dresser or armoire will make your loved ones think they’re walking around in a museum exhibit, not a bedroom. The beautiful reflective surfaces throughout create the illusion of a bigger room. You will have to clean this dresser or armoire regularly and be careful when using it to preserve its brilliance for as long as possible.

Metal and Glass Coffee Tables

You can choose any metal you like: silver, copper, or even the trendy rose gold. Thinner metal frames let the beautiful glass panels shine, both literally and figuratively. This coffee table can be a great focal point in a living room or entertainment room. Not only that, but it’s a reliable conversation starter as well!

Mirrored Glass Headboards

If you can’t get enough of mirrored glass, take the trend to the bedroom with a mirrored headboard. This is both sophisticated and functional. Again, careful use and care will allow you to enjoy this great home addition for years to come.

Glass Cabinets

Whether in the kitchen or entertainment room, now you can organize everything you need in a visual way with glass cabinets. Of course, these also add immense beauty to any room. It’s time to take an old set of cabinet drawers and transform them into something amazing.

Glass Desks

Just because you do most of your work from home doesn’t mean you have to abandon your idea for a chic office space. A glass desk is a perfect starting point for creating the home office of your dreams. If you can get an L-shaped desk, you’ll have even more room for your computer, important documents, and assorted odds and ends.

Glass Staircases

Of course, we’d be remiss to avoid mentioning the jaw-dropping addition that is a glass staircase. You’ll feel like you’re floating up or down the staircase when it’s made of beautiful glass. You can opt to get your staircase with or without an additional glass railing.

Now that you’re sold on the idea of glass furniture, contact us at CBD Glass to make your project plans a reality. With decades of experience creating customized glass decorative and accent pieces in Toronto and beyond, our team will work with you so you’re happy with the finished product.

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