Does Your Restaurant Need Decorative Glass?

The restaurant business is one of the most tough and competitive in the world. You’ve probably noticed it in your own neighborhood: some trendy new restaurant opens downtown, it’s a big hit for a while, yet by next year, it’s gone. Maybe you’ve also seen the opposite happen, where a long-term favorite disappears seemingly overnight.

It takes a lot of money and a lot of customer loyalty to successfully run a restaurant. Even still, the restaurant always needs to appeal to new customers to draw in fresh revenue streams. While of course, the food is going to be the main selling point, an establishment has to make a good first impression fast. They only get one opportunity to do that.

Glass bartop XOC bar3

That first impression all comes down to looks. When walking into a restaurant, people want to be wowed by the décor. It doesn’t always necessarily have to be expensive, but it does have to be nice. If you’ve just opened a restaurant or you’re planning to, why not consider adding some decorative glass structures to the interior and exterior? That’s certainly one way to get people talking before they even get to sit down and peruse the menu.

CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a glass manufacturer that sells both residential and commercial glass structures. They’ve designed stunning glass pieces for bars, museums, office lobbies, city centers, retail stores, monuments, churches, restaurants, and more.

Glass bartop (XOC Tequila bar)1

What do you envision for your restaurant? No matter the type of décor you have in mind, CBD Glass can likely make it a reality. With every glass structure it sells, the customer has the ability to customize it to their liking. You can change the size, shape, color, and texture of the glass so it fits your preexisting décor flawlessly. You can even get some glass pieces backlit to give you a great competitive advantage.

Why glass? Glass lends a restaurant a certain aesthetic, one of simplicity and class. It can be used in a fancy establishment or a less expensive family restaurant. You can order glass ceilings, wall partitions, lighting structures, and even glass furniture. Glass countertops are great for the bar, and getting these backlit with bright, color-changing LEDs will make the restaurant a big hit.

Commercial glass bar top, colored 1 1/2" glass

You can even order glass tops for the tables at the restaurant. From the minute the doors open until they close, restaurant staff are working tirelessly to welcome new guests, get their food delivered to them promptly, and then clean up the space to let in new customers. You can save time and money on cleanup with glass tables, which only need to be cleaned with water and a soft cloth to remove any crumbs, sauces, and spills from drinks or desserts.

If you’re interested in learning more about glass décor for your restaurant, contact CBD Glass. You can get a quote quickly. Just start by sending in the measurements for the glass, including exact width and height. Pictures and blueprints are also welcome.

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