Sky’s the Limit
By Maureen Alley
Opening up a ceiling with a skylight is a good way to add interest and introduce natural light into a space. Choosing a decorative skylight from CBD Glass Studios in New York can add even more interest with product styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.
“We do specialty items with glass using unique techniques to create historically correct items, or we can modify something for a contemporary style. We can make glass more translucent or different thicknesses, or by carving we can make the skylights appear three-dimensional,” says Vladimir Fridman, COO.
The inspiration for the skylight designs can come from the building’s architecture, the architect or the homeowner. “Choosing a multicolored skylight can bring colors to an area even if it’s rainy outside. The skylights can even act as a main piece of art for the ceiling,” Fridman adds.
The only limitations to what can be done with CBD’s skylights involve structural or safety issues. The company offers engineering assistance for both reinforcement and decoration.
“In Canada, we use our own installers, but mostly general contractors find their installers,” Fridman says. “[Builders and architects] should keep in mind that we have a wide range of decorative glass, we provide engineering support and have a wide range of techniques.”

Decorative skylights have been placed in a range of areas such as bathrooms, malls, casinos and more. CBD Glass will work with an architect or designer who has a design already in mind, or can provide design ideas to those interested in feedback.

“Architects come to us for custom designs. They can choose our designs, or we can create custom [skylights] to meet their needs. We are flexible,” Fridman adds.
Builders and architects interested in decorative skylights from CBD Glass should contact the company directly.