Recent Glass Countertop Island Installation Showcase

Here at CBD Glass we are known world-round for our custom glass work, but one of our biggest sellers is our custom glass countertops.  We have been very busy recently producing some magnificent countertops for our esteemed clients and would love to present a few recent installations:

# 1 – Dueling Glass Countertop Islands

This beautiful custom glass countertops combo was created by us for one of our exclusive clients who was looking for a new way to transform their original glass countertop island and give the space more room.  We designed these gorgeous custom glass countertop islands with stainless steel substrate, melting ice texture, & Cool White LED underlit lighting:

cbd1 cbd2 cbd3

# 2 – Glass Countertop Island Nirvana  

The below countertop is one of the newer installations we built for another one of our exclusive clients.  This piece was actually part of a bigger project where we designed the entire kitchen for the client as well.  This unique glass countertop island features our gorgeous custom glass with stainless steel substrate, Cool White LED underlit lighting, & a custom texture.


cbd4 cbd5 cbd6 cbd7

Do you like what you see? If so you could be one our next featured clients by contacting us today and inquiring about your new custom glass countertop!