Reasons to Consider Glass Railings for the Interior and Exterior of Your Home

There are some home remodels that seem to remain perpetually on your to-do list: renovate the kitchen, tear down the living room and start over, gut the entertainment room. These expensive projects do serve to change the look of your home, but what if we told you that you could do that without spending nearly as much money?

How? If your staircase is a focal point in the home, then adding glass railings can really spruce up the look of the space. Not only that, but glass railings work just as well in outdoor applications, such as surrounding a deck or balcony.

Here are some great reasons to consider glass railings from CBD Glass for your home today.


If you have balconies or other high perches without handrails in or around your house, then installing glass railings is a matter of safety. Slipping and falling off a high area could be deadly, yet sometimes children get too close to the edge. With high glass railings like those offered by CBD Glass, you know your whole family is safe as they traverse the house.


You may have some reservations about getting glass railings of all materials because frankly, well, doesn’t glass break? Sure, cheap glass can and will, but not when you get your glass from CBD Glass. Our hand-designed pieces are made with the highest degree of craftsmanship. They’re built to last.

For instance, we offer glass in various thicknesses. While no glass is absolutely shatter-proof, thicker glass is far less likely to break when handled correctly.


Speaking of glass thicknesses, that’s just one element of your glass railings you can choose when you order through CBD Glass. Most of our glass items, including accent pieces, can be completely customized by you, the customer.

Your glass railings can be translucent or have waves of swirling, appealing color throughout. They may have a plain, smooth texture or one that’s like rushing waves or even the quiet, starry night sky.

Easy Cleaning

With so many hands on your railings, they’ll get dirty fast. Don’t stress. With water, soap, and a soft microfiber cloth, you can easily remove any large fingerprints on your glass railing. How convenient is that?

Curb Appeal

The last reason we think you should consider glass railings for the interior or exterior of your home is for the curb appeal. Sure, you may never sell your house, but if you did, having glass railings would boost its value for sure. You can think of this as a long-term investment, then.

Want to Get Your Own Glass Railings? Contact CBD Glass Today!

If you’re interested in getting your own glass railings installed for the interior or exterior of your home, we at CBD Glass are more than ready to help you get started. We can customize your glass railings to be any size, color, or thickness, as mentioned above. To start discussing the project with our staff today, just call 1-855-872-4223. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!