Reasons to Get a Frameless Glass Door

At the end of a long, tough day, you want to relax and unwind. Perhaps you like to enjoy a nice soak in the tub or a long shower to forget about your troubles. However, your bathroom lately just adds to those troubles. It’s definitely in need of some TLC, but you know a full bathroom remodel isn’t in the budget right now. What to do? Why not invest in a frameless glass shower door?

Shower Door (Gold Stones)

These glass doors are versatile and also look right at home in most entryways and other rooms. Not only that, but these are extremely beneficial in many ways. Here are some very convincing reasons to invest in a frameless glass door.

On the note of versatility, these shower doors are made to your specifications, especially when you order from CBD Glass. This Toronto, Ontario, Canada company makes glass products for the home (and commercial applications), including partitions and glass sinks. The majority of its products can be customized from the ground up. This gives you the opportunity to play around with shapes and sizes for your frameless glass door until you find one that fits.


Is your bathroom a little short on space? Do you feel cramped when you’re in there? Do you wish you had more room? Of course, expanding a room like that can be incredibly pricy. Instead of making the room bigger, just make it look like it’s been expanded. That’s right. Frameless glass doors create an illusion of space. It’ll look like you redid the whole bathroom when you only made one small but important change.

Are you unsure if this new investment would clash with the rest of your bathroom? No need to stress. Many happy homeowners have discovered that a frameless glass shower door actually blends in with the other décor.

Who wants to spend hours in the bathroom cleaning with harsh chemicals? No one, of course. However, that’s a reality of being a homeowner, right? Not with a frameless glass door from CBD Glass. Since the surface of the glass is smooth, cleanup is a breeze. You only need some soap or a gentle cleanser, lukewarm water, and a soft cleaning cloth (preferably a microfiber one), and any hard water stains, squirts of shampoo and conditioner, and other bathroom gunk comes right off.


Worried the door might break? Don’t. At CBD Glass, customers can choose the width of all glass products. These are made to be durable and sure to last, far from the fragile glass that you may be envisioning. Are you ready to get started? CBD Glass makes it easy. Get a blueprint made or create a drawing of the bathroom. Measure the space where the shower door will go. CBD will then get back to you with a quote.

A frameless glass shower door will transform your bathroom and make it the welcoming and soothing retreat you’ve always wanted it to be. Don’t wait. Contact CBD Glass today to learn more about these doors.

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