Raised Glass Countertop Substrate Ideas

Although most people focus on the top of a glass countertop, when your counter is raised, the edges have to be just as visually appealing. Through our textured substrate services here at CBD Glass, we can ensure your raised glass countertop is a powerhouse fixture from all angles. Whether you want a seamless look around the sides of the glass insert or you’d prefer to change things up and have the top of the counter look different from the sides, here are some examples of what our team can happily do for you.

Raised Glass Bar Top with Matching Substrate

Get a gander of this awesome raised bar top, the look of which we can copy for your kitchen. This yellow-tinted curvy raised glass bar top is 1 ½ inches thick and features textured edges with one of our two substrate options. When combined with the awesome texture of the glass, this marvel of a countertop really adds a special quality to this room.

Raised Curved Glass Bar Top with Smooth Finish and Textured Substrate

The substrate and glass countertop surfaces don’t have to be identical, of course. We like the contrasting effect just as much. Take a look at this example and you might feel the same way. The surface of this raised glass counter is smooth, polished, and only barely textured. The substrate on the sides really brings our Sandstorm texture to life and looks great with a somewhat opaque look.

Raised Glass Counter with Textured Top and Smooth Substrate

Here’s another contrasting glass countertop example for your perusal. Our Ultra-Clear translucent glass comes alive with our Melting Ice texture on the top of this raised glass counter. The substrate features a smooth, polished, and semi-opaque finish that reflects the blue glow of the LED differently than the top of the counter does. You’d love spending hours entertaining and cooking in your kitchen with a cool countertop like this!

Aqua Clear Glass Counter with Smooth Substrate

You know you’re not supposed to touch the glass so you don’t smudge it, but the Melting Ice texture of this raised glass countertop is so inviting that it’s hard to resist. The Aqua Clear base of this counter adds wonderful modernity to this raised counter. The substrate is smooth so you can almost see through and into the Melting Ice texture.

Besides customizing the substrate of your raised glass countertop, you can also add an edge finish. This will lend the sides of your counter even more pizzazz. Here are the options our team at CBD Glass proudly offers:

  • Textured colored edges to match a backpainted countertop
  • Fire-polished edges for 3/4th-inch glass
  • Flat satin edges
  • Flat clear polished edges
  • Textured clear edges
  • Textured satin edges
  • Fire-polished clear edges
  • Brushed polished satin edges
  • Brushed polished clear edges