Raised Glass Countertop Brackets for Looks and Stability

Are you a little bored of your countertops? It’s okay to admit that you are. Maybe you gave in and bought a trendy countertop material that’s fallen out of favor. Your countertops still look nice, but they stick out like a sore thumb. Perhaps your countertops have sat untouched for decades.

Raised glass countertops create a timeless, effortless, stunning look to bathrooms, kitchens, and office environments. By adding brackets to these, not only will your countertops look better, but they’ll be more stable as well. Here’s everything you need to know about these sleek countertops.

What Are Brackets on Raised Glass Countertops?

Brackets are a feature that we add to some of our glass countertops at CBD Glass. These countertops can be raised, but they’re not always. You may also sometimes see brackets with integrated sinks and raised glass bars.

The job of the brackets is to suspend the glass layer so that it hovers seamlessly over the countertop. The result is an architectural marvel that will never go out of style. Whether your countertop is ancient or just needs refurbishing, you can be sure your home or office always has a modern touch with raised glass countertop brackets.

What Bracket Options Are Available?

There are many bracket options offered at CBD Glass for your raised glass countertop. These include:

  • Brass standoffs, which are a type of bracket that are designed to blend in effortlessly
  • Angled brackets, which increase stability as they fit nearer to a countertop’s front
  • Angled brackets with rectangular plates for even greater stability
  • Angled brackets with round plates for another design option
  • Flush-mount caps, which are circular and large
  • Low-profile caps, which, as the name suggests, aren’t very noticeable
  • Standard caps, which are simple, elegant, and pretty

Which Raised Glass Countertops Are Available?

Our raised glass countertops and bar tops are available in any shape and size you can imagine and desire. These include square or rectangular-shaped counters and bar tops or those with circular edging. You could have a curved bar top or multi-layered countertop where the glass layer is extended out over the countertop surface.

Can These Countertops Be Customized?

Absolutely! Here at CBD Glass in Toronto, we specialize in customizing our glass accent and home pieces from head to toe, figuratively. Not only can you choose the brackets for your raised glass countertop or bar top, but you can also design said countertop completely.

This includes the shape and size of the glass, the color of the glass (aqua blue or translucent), and whether you want your glass textured. You can also get substrate texturing, edge texturing, and backpainting. This is where our CBD staff paints the back layer of glass for a nice dose of color. You can even possibly get your countertop or bar top illuminated with our LED lights!

Why wait? If you’re interested in getting a raised glass countertop or bar top with brackets, contact us at CBD Glass today. We can get you a quote once you send us some numbers and data on the project you’re envisioning.