Quarantine Kitchen Remodel

You’re spending more time at home now than ever since you and your family are in quarantine. You’ve since realized that you’re not particularly enamored with your kitchen. You’d love to remodel it, but you’re not sure where to begin.

At CBD Glass, we can help you achieve all your goals with your quarantine kitchen remodel. We’re a Canadian-based glass accent manufacturer. Here are some examples of our work that could be perfect for your new and improved kitchen!

Glass Countertops with LED Lighting

Our glass countertops are a favorite among our customers here at CBD. This countertop from a happy CBD customer features our Aqua Clear glass, which has a light blue tint. The countertop is 1 ½ inches thick, which is ideal for a countertop, as this thickness lends the glass plenty of durability.

This customer chose to texture their glass counter, which is a service we offer at CBD Glass. They selected the Melting Ice texture, and it really complements their kitchen. They decided to augment the glass texture with beautiful white LED lighting. The texture of the glass stands out so much more thanks to the lighting!

When custom-ordering your own glass countertop with our CBD team, you can select from glass thicknesses beginning at ½ an inch to 2 inches. Our glass tint options are Ultra Clear glass or Aqua Clear.

The full list of our countertop textures is as follows:

  • Linear
  • Pixels
  • Desert
  • Avalanche
  • Galaxy
  • Flow
  • Stream
  • Unda
  • Sandstorm
  • Sandstorm semi-frost
  • Melting Ice
  • Melting Ice semi-frost

Glass Backsplashes

Are you tired of cleaning up mess after mess in your kitchen? We don’t blame you! Now that you’re cooking the bulk of your meals at home, you need a glass backsplash that can handle food messes.

This simple glass backsplash from one of our CBD customers features a strip of glowing purple LED lighting. We can install full-wall backsplashes or backsplash panels across your wall. The choice is yours!

Glass Kitchen Island

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a kitchen island, let our team at CBD make that dream come true. Our glass kitchen islands can match your new glass countertops or contrast them for an interesting effect.

This kitchen island from one of our pleased CBD customers is quite an appealing addition. They asked for a kitchen island in a unique shape and we more than delivered. You’re not limited to square or rectangular kitchen islands when you work with us!

This customer chose a multicolored glass insert which makes their kitchen island look beautifully artistic. They finished the counter with our Melting Ice texture. You can select from the same texture options as available with our glass countertops for your kitchen island, which can really bring together the cohesiveness of your new kitchen.

Ready to Design Your Quarantine Kitchen? Call CBD Glass Today

We’re sure you have plenty of great ideas for your quarantine kitchen remodel after seeing the above examples. Contact our team to begin discussing the specs for your glass kitchen countertop, kitchen island, and backsplash. Once we have more information about your project, we can provide a quote. Call today!