EVA high adhesive film, which is made of polymer resins of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.

– High tensile strength.

– Outstanding cohesion.

– Good temperature withstanding.

– Humidity durability and long term reliability.

EVA interlayers are particularly suitable for assemblies where the surface of one of the glazed components is not perfectly flat (tempered, heat-strengthened, screen-printed, or patterned glass). It can be found in applications with large-glazed facades combining tempered and laminated glass , glass floors and stair treads. And EVA is ideal for use in roofs too, thanks to its heat and moisture resistance, as well as the possibility of combining it with solar control units. The EVA interlayer enables to extend its range of safety glass to surprising applications for both exteriors (facades and roofing) and interiors (balustrades, partitioning, flooring, furniture). EVA Creation makes it possible to incorporate within a laminated glass materials as diverse as perforated metal sheets, films, and cloth, integrating the decorative aspect with partial light screening.Each EVA Creation can also be a work of art in itself, inspired by architect or designer. CBD also produces wide selection of safety laminated glass with color and special interlayers.We offer collection of: Transparent, Translucent, Opaque laminated glass with glossy or satin surfaces.