Planning a Fall Redecorating Project? How about Customized Mirrors?

You use it every day, primping and prepping for your daily routine. It’s part of how you check up on your look as the day progresses. As you wind down and clean off the traces of another day, you’re probably standing in front of it.

We’re talking about mirrors, of course. From the humble yet standard bathroom mirror to decorative ones in the hallway, bedroom, and other areas of the house, you probably don’t think of mirrors for much. They’re good to look at, but do they deserve more attention than that?

Here at CBD Glass, we say yes, absolutely. Since we’re customized glass manufacturers and mirrors are indeed made of glass, they’re yet another specialty option we offer our customers. While most of our clients have designed mirrors to go in their respective bathrooms, we think our mirrors look great anywhere in the house.

If you’re planning a home remodel this fall, here are some reasons to consider mirrors as part of that project.

Framed Mirrors Are Incredibly Opulent

Whatever design aesthetic is calling your name the most with this remodel, your mirrors can match. Our framed mirrors at CBD are available in every shape and size under the sun. You can even choose the frame color and material. Some of the options we have available are canvas, opaque, antique, oyster (a smooth, shiny, shell-like material), goldstream, folded frost (textured glass), and cobblearch (another textured option).

Frameless Mirrors Create the Illusion of Space in Any Room

If you wish your bathroom were bigger, may we suggest the magic of mirrors? A large frameless one will open up any room, be that your bathroom, your bedroom, or even a tight, narrow hallway. Instead of knocking out one wall and expanding the room manually, just get a new bathroom mirror.

LED Lighting Makes Your Mirrors Amazing

Another great option offered for your mirrors from CBD Glass is LED lighting. Our LEDs are available in a slew of colors or you can just keep them white if that’s what you’d prefer. Regardless, we think you’ll quickly come to enjoy the addition of LED lights.

The stunning illumination these provide in the dark will boost the aesthetics of your home while making it a safer haven. If you or another family member often gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you can get there without bumping into every wall on the way.

Customized Sizes Let You Make Your Mirrors Your Way

Do you want a small, circular-shaped accent mirror or even a spacious, encompassing floor-length behemoth? The choice is certainly yours when you work with us at CBD Glass. We have designed both sizes and everything in between for our clients in the past. For more inspiration and ideas, we recommend you check out our website or visit our showroom.

Call CBD Glass Today!

Once you’re ready to order your customized mirror, we’re the ones to call. We just need some info about the purported project and then we’ll get you a quote right away. What are you waiting for? Dial 1-855-872-4223.