Open Your Kitchen with a Glass Kitchen Island

One of the rooms you’ve wanted to renovate for a while now is your kitchen. It’s simply too small for more than one person to be in it comfortably. After researching the costs of expanding the room, you’re beginning to wonder whether your budget will ever be big enough for that kind of work.

Before you spend possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new kitchen addition, why not try something different first? For example, create the illusion of more space.

How can you do that? With glass kitchen islands from CBD Glass.

CBD Glass is a Canadian custom glass company that specializes in glass accent items for the whole home. Our kitchen solutions include stunning glass countertops, efficient glass backsplashes, and glass bar tops and tabletops. Our glass kitchen islands are big sellers too.

Kitchen islands are not exactly small. If you had yours built after you bought your house, you might be dealing with a case of buyer’s remorse now. You don’t use the kitchen island as much you should, so it’s just there, blocking out valuable floor space.

Our glass kitchen islands can make your kitchen look wide open again, almost like the island isn’t even there. Even better is that our CBD staff lets you customize all parts of your glass kitchen island, including the thickness of the glass, its base color, whether the glass is textured, edge texturing, backpainting, and LED lighting.

Hold on, what is texturing? We can texture your glass kitchen island in many ways, making the thick glass surface resemble swiftly-moving currents or gentle winds. Our edge texturing continues the effect so even the corners and sides of your kitchen island are decorated.

Backpainting is a unique service we offer to our CBD customers. Our staff will expertly paint the underside of the glass kitchen island countertop in a color (or several colors) of your choosing. When combined with our texturing, you can design a glass kitchen island that’s more uniquely yours!

Make sure you finish your new kitchen island with LED lighting in cool white light or multicolored hues like green, red, or blue. The strong glow cast by the LEDs illuminates every last textural detail of your new glass kitchen island, making it a visual wonder to use both day and night!

Here’s a rather simple but incredibly well-done glass kitchen island our team built. Rather than draw you away like your current kitchen island does, the LED lighting of our glass kitchen island beckons you right in.

Check out this example of a beautifully colorful glass kitchen island too. The curvy shape of the glass perfectly complements the wavy lines in red, orange, and yellow throughout this countertop.

You can even have glass down the sides of your kitchen island, giving it a floating effect. This happy CBD customer added blue LEDs to their full glass kitchen island, which makes the whole kitchen glow!

Those three examples are just a small sampling of what you can do when you work with our CBD team. Why not give us a call today? Your kitchen will look so much more open for it!