Need More Bathroom Counter Space This Summer? Upgrade with CBD Glass

You love everything about the summertime, except, admittedly, having such a crowded house. Now that the kids are done with school for the next few months and your spouse took some time off for vacation, it’s getting to feel a little claustrophobic at home.

The crunch gets worse in the morning and at night, when it seems like the whole family has the idea to rush the bathroom at the same time, trying to shower, brush teeth, and do other routines. You’re on more of a tight schedule, having to get to work or go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Still, you wait your turn until the bathroom empties out.

Once you get in there, it’s a mess. Curling irons, toothpaste tubes, and assorted hygiene products litter every available inch of counter space. Okay, you’re officially sick of this. What can you do?

Before you go crazy another day this summer, reach out to us at CBD Glass. We’re a Canadian manufacturer of customized glass products. We specialize in a variety of items, but our customers can’t get enough of our glass countertops for the kitchen and/or bathroom.

Here at CBD Glass, we understand the bathroom is a central hub for the household, but that doesn’t mean everyone should have to form an orderly line. You also don’t want to walk into a disaster zone each time. With our lengthy countertops, we can create a place for everything so your family can finally put everything in its place.

For instance, take a look at this glass bathroom countertop.

It has dozens of drawers for storing spare toilet paper rolls, hair products, skincare, and all your hygiene essentials. You and your family can keep the countertop bare and your bathroom much more appealing.

Have a bigger bathroom? You can optimize your space in the best way with a countertop from us at CBD Glass.

That’s what this very happy client of ours did. A lengthy countertop with cabinets and drawers of all sizes makes this bathroom look neat and tidy. Even better, it’s an inviting, relaxing space, the way a bathroom should be.

No spare space? No problem! Even one of our smaller countertops cleans up a bathroom in a big way. Check it out for yourself.

It’s no secret that clutter makes an already-small bathroom look smaller. Once you clean up all the bathroom debris, you have a room that’s usable.

The above images are three examples of many of what we can do for your bathroom countertop. Remember, one of the services we offer here at CBD Glass is customization for most of our glass items. Yes, that includes our countertops. You can select the glass thickness, the color, whether you get the glass textured, and if it’s backlit via an LED. It’s even up to you whether that’s a colorful or white LED.

Before another day of summer disappears, call us at CBD Glass to discuss your glass bathroom countertop project today.