Modernize Your Bathroom with Glass

Does your bathroom feel outdated? You thought maybe you’d update the cabinetry, then you realized what the price of that project would be. Hmm, perhaps new floor tile would do, but that’s quite an undertaking as well.

What else can you do to modernize the look of your bathroom? Add glass accent pieces! Our team at CBD Glass is happy to help you customize your bathroom so it’s a space that you’re finally pleased with. Rather than lament the look of the room, you can get into a relaxing mindset every time you’re in the bathroom.

Our Toronto, Ontario, Canada team specializes in customized glass accent items for the home as well as commercial businesses. Our portfolio includes backsplashes, glass wine cellars, glass entertainment centers, railings, glass kitchen countertops, frameless doors, and so much more.

If you find something that you like on our website, we can customize any glass bathroom item so it matches your taste.

Here are some of the ways we can modernize your bathroom with glass.

Glass Sinks

Our glass sinks are available in a variety of styles. If you have a more spacious bathroom, a pedestal sink makes for a stately addition. Remember, you can customize all facets of your glass pedestal sink, including its size, shape, height, and color.

Here is one such stunning glass pedestal sink that one of our CBD customers ordered. Our team hand-etched the rays and backpainted the glass blue.

If your bathroom is on the tinier side, a wall-mounted sink creates an illusion of more space. So too can a vessel sink, which tucks neatly on your countertop rather than take up extra room you don’t have.

Our waterfall-style glass wall-mounted sinks are big sellers among our customer base.

Take a look a this waterfall glass sink that’s 40 inches total. We used our Aqua Clear base with 3/4th-inch glass thickness and a backpainted shade of dark blue that’s natural and appealing.

You can custom-order your glass basin sink in nearly any color imaginable or perhaps even every color? That’s what this CBD customer did. Talk about brightening up your bathroom! It’s hard to look at this basin sink and not smile.

Glass Countertops

Why stop at just the sink? Our CBD Glass team can also install an integrated glass countertop with a vanity, basin, or glass sink. You’ve been meaning to replace your stuffy, old countertop for a while now anyway.

You’re in the driver’s seat regarding what your glass bathroom countertop looks like. You could go for a beautiful glass texture like in this example. LED lighting in white beneath the sink brings out every last curve of that wavy, wood-like texture.

Do you have a double sink in your bathroom and need a countertop to accommodate it? Our CBD Glass team can take care of it.

Modernizing your bathroom with glass is a great way to reinvigorate a stale space. To begin discussing your bathroom remodel with glass accent pieces, call us today at CBD Glass!