Match your kitchen cabinets with you glass countertop

You love the look of your kitchen cabinets. Whether you got them redone a few years ago or your cabinets are old but loved, they’re one of your favorite parts of the kitchen.

The time has come to upgrade your kitchen countertops, and you’ve looked all over for counters that match the cabinetry that’s so beloved to you. Every countertop material you come across though is either very dark or looks too natural to match your bright and funky cabinets.

You need to make a choice on your countertop material sooner than later, but nothing you’ve seen yet has pleased you. Have you considered glass countertops to match your kitchen cabinets?

We know what you’re thinking: glass is translucent so it will match to a degree, but not how you had envisioned. Here at CBD Glass, a Toronto-based custom glass design company, we do things a little differently. With our glass accent items–from countertops to tabletops, sinks and vanities, and so much more–we have a variety of options for matching your kitchen cabinets to our glass countertops.

First, there’s the base color of the glass. Yes, translucent glass is one such option, known as our Ultra Clear base, but so too is our Aqua Clear base. This is an appealing aqua blue that, on its own, might be a closer match to your kitchen cabinets than the other countertop materials you’ve browsed thus far.

If you need yet more color variety, our CBD team can do that too. We offer a unique service called backpainting for our glass accent items. What is backpainting, you ask? We paint under the surface of the glass using a color of your choosing. That hue is then visible on the top layer of your glass countertop, creating an effect that’s worthy of your recently redecorated kitchen.

Any hue you’re thinking, our team can do. From natural metallics to bright and vivid colors like red, orange, green, and blue, nothing is off-limits. If you just can’t choose one color for your glass countertops, we can do multicolored backpainting as well.

That’s not all you can customize regarding your glass countertop when you work with our CBD Glass team. We put you in the driver’s seat in every way possible. You can select the thickness of your glass, the size and shape of your countertop, and whether the glass is textured. Our texturing services look especially great on backpainted glass, as all the fine details get a chance to truly shine.

Speaking of shining, you can even further customize your glass countertop with LED lighting. From pure white light to multicolored LEDs in red, blue, and green, lighting transforms the look of your counters. You’ll love spending as much time in your kitchen by night as you do by day. The kitchen is also a safer place for you and your family to use anytime.

If you’re ready to explore your glass countertop options, get in touch with our team at CBD Glass today!