Match Your Countertops with Your Bathroom Vanities  

When you decided to buy your house, you focused on the bathroom and the other rooms more because of their functionality instead of their looks. You always figured you would change the looks later, and later has finally come.

The biggest issue you have with your bathroom is that it doesn’t match. The vanity and counter might as well be on different planets, they’re so disparate.

We agree that a matching countertop and bathroom vanity go a long way toward making the entire bathroom look much more intentional and well thought out regarding its design.

Fortunately, if you work with our team at CBD Glass, we can help you create a matching bathroom vanity and countertop.

Our Canadian-based glass studio is where we create accent items for the entire home as well as commercial businesses. Customers love how much freedom they get when it comes to putting their own personal stamp on their designs.

For instance, when selecting a glass countertop or vanity, you have the freedom to customize everything you can imagine.

You can choose the thickness of the glass, the shape, the base color, any additional colors, the texture, and whether you’ll use LED lights.

Let’s dig a little deeper into those points.

First, there’s the shape of the glass. While for a counter, you’ll likely want to keep the glass, well, counter-shaped. Don’t limit yourself.

As seen here, you can ask for any type of counter shape you want, and our CBD Glass team will deliver.

The same goes for glass bathroom vanities! From simple rectangular and square-shaped vanities to those that take on a more unconventional shape, we’re the team to call on.

Next, you can choose the base color. We offer two base colors at CBD Glass, our Ultra Clear translucent glass base, or our Aqua Clear glass base, which is a pale teal color.

Don’t feel like those are your only color options, as we’re only scratching the surface! You can also opt for our backpainting services, where we add a custom color or combination of colors to the glass surface.

Since you want to match your countertops with your bathroom vanities, you’ll want both glass features to be the same color. We offer lights, metallics, brights, and even multicolor options, so choose whatever you wish!

Next, you can add texture to your glass counter and vanity. Our range of textures includes everything from very simple and subtle to more flamboyant and complex.

Textures can create a mood in the glass and add an extra dimension, especially to colored glass.

Finally, you might consider LED lighting for your remodeled bathroom. Our CBD Glass team offers LED lighting in all sorts of colors, from pure, clean white to reds, blues, and greens.

Whether you opt to texture your new bathroom additions or not, LED lighting is an exceptional choice. The lighting will at the very least add a warm glow to the room. At most, it will bring out so much life in the glass texturing that you’ll be amazed!