Match your Counter With a Glass Backsplash

Not all homeowners go for the matchy-matchy kitchen design style, but for those who do, matching your countertop with your backsplash would be a dream come true. Right now, the two fixtures might be in the same color family, but only vaguely. With a glass backsplash and countertop remodel from CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you can create a seamless backsplash/counterop match that will make spending time in your kitchen a joy.

Here are some examples of what our CBD team can do for your kitchen with our glass accent pieces.

Antique-Colored Glass Backsplash and Counter

At CBD, we give our customers the opportunity to texture their glass accent pieces. For instance, this glass backsplash and counter both feature our Sandstorm texture, which makes the backsplash especially striking. The Antique rust color is an example of our backpainting in action. When we backpaint your glass, we apply color to the outer surface so you can see that color when looking from the outside in. The Antique hue really gives this kitchen a rustic feel.

Fun Textured Glass Backsplash and Simple Counter

Here’s an example that shows how you don’t need a lot of color to make your backsplash extraordinary. This customer requested our Forum texture against a teal glass base. The spirals and squares of the texture make your backsplash look whimsical, yet it’s still just as effective at catching food sprays so your walls don’t stain. We finished this custom kitchen with plain glass counters, making the texture of the backsplash the focal point.

Thermoformed Glass Backsplash and Counter

With this glass backsplash/counter combo, our CBD team started with thermoformed plastic that we combined with glass. Then we backpainted the backsplash. The result is an appealing black glass backsplash that features our Melting Ice texture. The texture really brings out the beauty of the dark color. The simple black counters also match exceptionally well.

Teal Blue Glass Backsplash and Counter

The Melting Ice texture of this glass backsplash is an ideal pick since between the teal backpainting and the blue LED lights, this backsplash and counter combo truly look like they’re made of ice. Although this counter is rather small, it’s still impactful.

Having a glass backsplash in your kitchen is incredibly beneficial for these reasons:

  • Glass cleans up very easily with just some water, a soft cloth, and a dollop or two of dish soap. Make sure you wipe down your glass backsplash in the same direction when cleaning and drying it so it doesn’t end up streaky.
  • Unlike other backsplash materials, if you still want to appreciate the paint color you selected for your kitchen walls or your original wallpapering, you can get a translucent backsplash that lets you see through it.
  • Glass is heat-resistant so it’s less of a safety risk. You can get burned trying to clean a metal backsplash too soon after cooking!

To get started customizing your glass backsplash today, contact our CBD Glass team by phone or through our website.