Marble vs. Glass Countertops

Marble is a timeless material, and it’s definitely on your shortlist for your new kitchen or bathroom countertop. Then again, glass seems like an appealing material choice as well. Ugh, you’re finding it hard to choose, but you can only have one. Which is the better option for your counters, glass or marble?

Let’s help you answer that exact question in today’s post.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Marble Countertop?

Almost every homeowner considers a marble countertop at some point, as marble is one of the most gorgeous materials out there. It’s also heavy, so marble is a good option for a countertop you’ll want to show off to everyone you know.

However, before you commit to buying a marble countertop, there are several glaring downsides we must discuss. For one, it doesn’t get more expensive than marble. You’ll need a huge budget to upgrade your countertop.

Also, since marble is a naturally-sourced stone, it won’t last forever. Even with careful use, marble will still worsen in quality over the years. Failing to care for your counters will only accelerate the degradation.

Even though its weight might belie it, marble can also scratch, crack, and nick incredibly easily. It’s soft on the same scale as soapstone, so you’d have to be incredibly careful about how you use your countertops if you don’t want to damage the marble.

That goes for spilling too, by the way, or any food messes. Marble can stain, so that wine spill from years ago could be around forever.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Glass Countertop?

Glass is a very advantageous material for a countertop, even more so than marble. For one, you can customize glass any way you want it, especially when you order your countertop through our CBD Glass team. Although it’s not quite the real deal, you can accent your glass countertop to look just like marble.

Unlike true marble, glass isn’t nearly as expensive. It’s also heavy and durable, and with customizable thicknesses, you can ensure your glass counter is stable. You won’t have to worry about your glass countertop losing quality as the years add up either. If you care for the countertop, it’ll look as good as the day you got it several years from now.

A glass countertop can crack if you misuse it, but it’s less prone to this kind of damage than marble. It’s also not nearly as big of a deal if you happen to make a mess on the counter. The nonporous qualities of glass make cleaning up kitchen or bathroom messes a breeze, not to mention glass won’t stain like marble does.

Customize Your Glass Countertop Today Through Our Team at CBD Glass

The choice seems pretty clear to you now, that a glass countertop is the way to go. To begin custom-ordering your glass countertop, our CBD Team first asks for a blueprint or drawing as well as your kitchen or bathroom measurements. Then you can select from the glass thickness, texture, LED lighting, and many more features.