Make Your Bathroom Stand out with RGB Lighting

You hate to say it, but your bathroom is a little ordinary. It’s your mission this year to change that, but you’re not sure where to start. Do you have to take out the tile flooring and upgrade it? Perhaps you need a shower stall instead of a tub or vice-versa.
All this work is expensive, which causes you to hold off, even if your bathroom makes you grimace rather than putting you in a relaxing mood. Instead of planning for such large and expensive changes, perhaps swapping out one feature will be enough to make your bathroom a space you love.

At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we specialize in custom glass accent items for all rooms of the house (and commercial buildings as well). Our RGB LED lighting will pave the way for your bathroom to be the statement-maker you always knew it could be.
RBG lighting, in case you don’t know, is short for red, green, and blue. While our CBD team does offer white LEDs, you want to do something big, right? That’s why we recommend our colored LEDs for your bathroom. They’ll illuminate the room something fierce, making your bathroom one of your favorite spots in the house to spend time in.

Our custom glass countertops look especially appealing with our RBG LEDs. That’s doubly, even triply true if you decide to get your counters detailed with our glass texturing. We offer a variety of customizable textures that are like melting ice, moving currents, and shifting sands. The colorful LEDs bring out every small detail to stunning effect!

Here’s one such example of a bathroom countertop that’s outfitted with our glass texturing and RGB LEDs, which are blue in this case.

This happy CBD customer chose our Melting Ice texture and got the edges of their new glass bathroom countertop textured as well. Our Aqua Blue base looks especially great with the glowing blue LEDs.

Here’s another awesome example to show you what our CBD team is capable of when it comes to improving bathrooms with RBG lighting.

The wavy, curvy shape of this glass bathroom countertop already grabs your attention. The texturing and dark blue, almost purple LED lights are like the icing on a very delicious cake, wrapping up a perfect presentation.

How did that customer get their glass counter shaped in such a unique way, you ask? We’re happy to tell you. At CBD Glass, you can customize all facets of your glass bathroom countertop, including how thick the glass is, its size, what its shape is, the texture, and the LED colors.

Do you want to get started designing your glass bathroom countertop with RBG lighting? Then get in touch with our team at CBD today. We request measurements of your bathroom and even blueprints or drawings if you have them. You can contact us by email or call us at 855-872-4223.
Make this the year your bathroom stands out with our stunning RBG lighting! We look forward to working with you.