Luxury Glass Bar Top Options

Have you recently opened a bar in town and you’re eager to make a splash? Perhaps you finally selected a portion of your basement to make into the home bar of your dreams, and you can’t wait to get started.

We’re CBD Glass Studios, a luxury glass accent piece manufacturer based in Canada. With our high-quality glass bar tops, you will certainly be able to create the luxury, appeal, and impact that you’ve always dreamed of for your bar.

Let’s take a look at some of the glass bar tops our customers have ordered to show you the breadth of our custom solutions.

Smooth, Curvy, Backlit Bar Top

Simple never goes out of style, as this luxury glass bar top example proves. We installed this for a commercial spa, and it truly created the type of ambiance that this business was going for.

The happy CBD customer opted for a smooth, simple, slightly curved bar top that extended the length of the counter.

They selected our White Onyx glass finish, which is semi-translucent but with a frosted effect. Leaving the glass smooth really allows the White Onyx finish to stand out.

This customer also requested our ultra-popular LED lights, which shine in a faint purple glow and really bring this bar top to life!

Short Glass Bar Top

If you’re designing a home bar and you don’t have nearly as much space available, worry not. Our pros at CBD Glass can build you a much shorter custom bar top that is sure to turn heads whenever your friends and family stop by for some libations.

This pleased CBD customer also selected our White Onyx finish for the surface of the glass. They added a frosted texture on top to make the glass even more opaque, which we think is a nice design touch.

The raised glass bar top is exceptionally classy and timeless as well. It gives this small bar an architectural edge that will make it turn heads. LED lighting also goes fantastically with this small bar.

Glass Bar Top with Sink

Whether you’re a commercial operation or you’re serving drinks at home, you need a sink in the vicinity. This smart customer of ours decided to kill two birds with one stone by requesting a glass bar top complete with a metal sink.

The bar top features our Aqua Clear glass base, which is tinted a slight blue. This glass bar top is textured, featuring our Melting Ice texture. Against the glow of the colorful LED lights, you can see every nuance of the glass texture, which makes this glass bar top that much more special!

Are you interested in ordering a glass bar top like the ones we highlighted for you today? Our team at CBD Glass is happy to discuss your project goals with you. You can contact us through our website or by phone.

If you can provide measurements as well as drawings or blueprints, our team can quickly get you a quote for the project. Contact us today!