Like Your Bathroom? You’ll Love It with an Integrated Glass Sink

Your bathroom is functional and somewhat appealing, but admittedly, something’s missing. You like it well enough, but you don’t yet love the space. If you’re looking to make powerful changes to your bathroom that don’t involve ripping it out of the walls and starting all over again, you’ve come to the right place. Here at CBD Glass in Toronto, we offer integrated glass sinks. We think you’ll be won over by the charm of these additions. Here’s why.

Integrated glass sink, rectangular bowl. Backpainted glass


Let’s start with a definition of an integrated sink, shall we? These sinks, rather than standing out because they’re made of porcelain, blend in with your countertop. In fact, they are made out of the countertop material, such as glass.

As you can imagine, the look of an integrated sink provides a perfect uniformity in your kitchen or bathroom. Perhaps you weren’t ever in love with your sink because you felt it clashed with the design in the rest of the room that you worked so hard to achieve. Maybe you felt that it took up precious space in an already-small bathroom. If so, then making the switch to an integrated sink is perfect!


You’ll also notice that your bathroom or kitchen countertop now looks so much bigger. The sink is almost invisible, which makes you look like you have more counterspace. If you do indeed have a small bathroom or a tiny kitchen nook, this simple illusory trick will make these rooms look so much bigger. All you have to do is get a new sink!

bathroom glass backpainted sink. Contemporary design


Then there’s the durability of integrated glass sinks. It’s no secret that porcelain, although pretty, doesn’t always hold up to the wear and tear of time. It can get stained, lose its polished finish, or chip and crack. It may yellow as well. Glass is a far more durable material that will last for years with care. You can wipe it down quickly to remove stickiness and stains, and since it’s made so thick, there’s less risk of it cracking or breaking.

Beauty and Simplicity

Of course, last but certainly not least is the beauty and simplicity of an integrated glass sink. This is especially true if you get your sink from CBD Glass. We’ve installed these sinks for countless clients, so we’re sure we can design yours the exact way you want it.

For instance, if you’d prefer textured glass, we can make it happen. If you’d rather your glass is polished and smooth, we can do that as well. You can also request backpainted glass in timeless metallic hues like copper, gold, and silver (or even a combination of the three) as well as neutral colors like black, white, and gray or even bold ones like red, blue, or yellow. The choice is absolutely yours. Like all the glass items available at CBD Glass, our integrated glass sinks are customizable as well.

If you’re ready to make a great change in your bathroom with an integrated sink, then contact us at CBD Glass today.