Lighting Options for Glass Counters

One of the things that makes glass such an attractive surface for glass counters and glass countertops is the fantastic selection of different lighting choices and their elegant style.  The unique lighting choices that make our countertops and counters standout is our variety of “underlit” glass pieces where we fix LED lighting inside the glass counters to illuminate them in a soft and warm manner.  Depending on the texture of the surface and the color of the lighting, this can create a plethora of different effects and moods in a room/surface.

Let’s take a look at some examples of our unique underlit LED lighting in action:

#1 – Cool White LED Lighting with White Onyx Glass

The above pictures show some examples of the magnificent mix of our White Onyx glass with Cool White LED underlit lighting.  You can see how this pairing provides a remarkably modern look and feel to a space.

#2 – Color Changing RGB Lighting with Glass Bar 

These pictures are a great examples of our RGB color changing LED lights that are fully customizable and can change the mood of a room or space from one minute to the next.  They work on the RGB color scale and can be customized to meet your needs.

#3 – Cool White LED Lighting with Melting Ice/Acqua Clear Glass

The above examples show one of our most signature looks/combinations.  Our Melting Ice glass texture along with Acqua Clear glass mixed with Cool White LED underlit lighting.  

This is just a small sample of the incredible amount of variations that can be achieved by mixing our unique glass surfaces with our incredible underlit LED lighting.  To find out more about our products contact us today!