Let CBD Design Your Entire Kitchen Experience

You hate to admit it, but it’s time to be honest. Your kitchen needs major work. There’s so much to do that you’re not even sure where to start. Gutting your whole kitchen might be one option, but it’s not your only choice.

Here at CBD Glass, we can design your entire kitchen experience. We’re a Canadian-based glass accent design company that specializes in solutions for homes and commercial offices. Our variety of glass kitchen accent pieces can transform your kitchen from top to bottom so it feels like an entirely different room!

In this post, we’ll discuss how you can renovate your kitchen with guidance from our CBD team.

Glass Countertops

The material of your countertop is one of the fastest ways to date your kitchen. If you have ancient Formica countertops, then it doesn’t matter what else in your kitchen is modern, the whole room looks old.

Glass countertops are timeless and never go out of style. You can opt for our translucent glass base or our Aqua Clear base, which is a light teal blue. Many of our customers also get their glass textured, which adds visual appeal to such a large surface of glass. You can use our backpainting services as well, where we paint the underside of your new countertop in nearly any hue you can imagine. LED lights are also a frequent customer favorite.

Here’s a glass countertop that shows the power of our glass texturing and vibrant LED lighting!

Glass Kitchen Island

Double the prep room means double the remodeling if your kitchen island is as out-of-date as your countertops. Not to worry, as CBD’s glass kitchen island services can help. When ordering a custom glass countertop for your kitchen island, you’re free to select the glass thickness, LED lighting, backpainting, or texturing.

The wraparound glass kitchen island has grown in popularity. With glass on the top and sides of your counter, it’s protected from every angle!

Glass Backsplashes

Safeguard your walls from food stains with floor-to-ceiling backsplashes or small panels that come in any color you prefer. No matter your backsplash ideas, our CBD team can make it happen.

Yes, you can indeed request glass texturing and LED lighting for your glass kitchen backsplash so it matches the rest of your glass accent pieces! Here’s an example of an especially large kitchen backsplash that looks utterly lovely with our white LEDs.

How to Get Started Designing Your Glass Kitchen Accent Pieces with CBD

Now that you’re aware of the possibilities, you can’t wait to begin designing your kitchen with our team at the helm. To reach out to CBD, you can give us a call or use our contact form on our website.

We do ask that you take measurements of your kitchen before we can generate a quote. If you have relevant drawings or blueprints to share as well, we’d be happy to see them.

Your new kitchen experience is only a phone call away, so contact CBD Glass today!