Kitchen Glass Backsplash Options

At CBD Glass, our customers can’t get enough of many of our products, but the one that is always a big seller is our kitchen backsplashes.  

A backsplash is a protective layer of glass that safeguards your wallpapered or painted wall from getting splashed and stained every time you whip up a meal and get into a cooking frenzy.

Backsplashes can also add decorative appeal to your kitchen, so they’re a must!

What options do you have when it comes to customizing your kitchen backsplash? Let’s take a closer look!

Glass Color

As with our other glass accent pieces, you can select from our Ultra Clear Glass or our Aqua Clear Glass for the base of your backsplash.

One of the more popular trends in glass kitchen backsplashes among our CBD customers is a sheet of our Ultra Clear Glass against a painted wall.

The Ultra Clear Glass allows the original, vivid color of the wall to shine through as though nothing was there. The glass backsplash does more than keep the wall safe from grime but preserves its depth of color longer as well.

glass backsplash

Glass Size

Perhaps you want a small kitchen backsplash over your stove or maybe you want a backsplash that encompasses the entirety of your wall. Our hardworking CBD team will build you a backsplash that’s the exact size you require.

Even if that’s not a traditional size because your kitchen walls are oddly styled, we can make it happen. Our pros will take measurements of your wall to ensure your single-piece backsplash slots in perfectly with no gaps!

Glass Texture

Who says a glass kitchen backsplash has to be boring? Certainly not us! The same great glass texture options that we offer for our other glass accent pieces are available for our backsplashes as well.

We really recommend a glass textured backsplash if your kitchen has large windows that let a lot of natural sunlight in. The sun will catch all the crevices and corners of the textured glass and bring out its dimensions in a truly magical way.

Plus, a textured backsplash elevates a simple clear backsplash without a lot of extra expense. That said, if you love your wall beneath the backsplash and want to appreciate it whenever, forego the texturing.

glass backsplash


Even if you select our Ultra Clear Glass as a base for your glass kitchen backsplash, the new addition doesn’t have to be altogether colorless.

We can subtly or more overtly backpaint the glass. This is a great option if your kitchen could use a pop of color. You’ll make your stove or oven the new focal point, as a person’s eye will naturally gravitate to the most colorful part of the room!


Of course, we have to talk about our kitchen backsplash lighting options. LED and RGB lights are another great way to impart color to an otherwise single-colored kitchen. A strip of RGB lights will make your kitchen brighter (literally) and warmer.

At night, the bright LEDs are a smart safety feature!