Kitchen Design Ideas

Here is a step-by-step question guide to help you get in the right direction to designing your new kitchen.

Let’s Get Started!

1. How old is the house?

It is good to know the age of the material you will be working with, sometimes a house might be too old and will require additional changes in order to make any renovations. Speak with a Landlord, Architect, Inspector or Appraiser to find out more specifics.

2. Is it the entire kitchen?

It is important to keep the Scope of Work in mind and how much of the kitchen you are willing to do. Be aware that larger projects take a longer amount of time & money, and it is always best to work within your budget. Many people find that simple drawings of how they see their new kitchen help give them a visual starting point for their project.

3. Will the kitchen be social or just cooking? Are you going to have seating around the kitchen? Is there a raised bar or extended bar?

Sometimes kitchens aren’t meant to be social rooms but rather a place to cook in private so that guests can wait for meals without interruption from kitchen noise and movements. If you would like to expand your kitchen to adding a bar or eating area, considering adding a raised countertop.

4. Do you have Doors and/or table tops? Is there a door going into or out of your kitchen? Do you have windows around the backsplash, cabinets, or corner?

Are there table tops or just countertops? When you know how many entrances/exits, windows, and tabletops exist in your kitchen you can start drawing up a map of what your kitchen looks like currently and can help you get a better idea of how you would like your new kitchen to look. Keep in mind that doors, windows, & cabinets should be in line with your new design and changing the interior walls or backsplashes can make a big difference.

5. How much room do you need for storage? How many cabinets exist already and how much space is left for your Appliances?

Will you need more space for appliances or storage? Sometimes remodeling your kitchen leads to new problems, one of the main ones is not having enough space to hide away all of your appliances, plates, silverware, & cookware. A roof mounted pot rack can be a great way to get some more storage out of a small space. As you map out your kitchen keep in mind how much room you need for storage!

6. How many appliances? Refrigerator, Wine Storage, Dishwasher, Trash Compacter, Microwave, Oven, Stovetop, Ventilation, Warming Drawer, Disposal, Washing Machine, Dryer, Television, Radio, Computer?

Some of these appliances can be very useful in your kitchen, sometimes creating a specific spot or location for something will keep your kitchen looking neat and organized. At the same time too many appliances can make a smaller space look cluttered, this is why doing a rough sketch can really help with this visualization.

7. How many Fixtures?

Fixtures include your Sink, Faucet, Soap Dispenser, Filtration System, and Water Dispenser. Some homes have multiple faucets and soaps dispensers sometimes one for cleaning dishes and the other for washing hands. As you draw a map of your kitchen keep in mind the placement of these fixtures! You don’t want to have to walk across the kitchen to wash hands or throw dishes in the sink while cooking!

8. What Backsplash should you choose?

A Backsplash is used to protect the back wall behind running water, choosing the right backsplash can depend on how much traffic will come through that area. Many people choose a tiled backsplash, versus a solid one, check out our post on this topic for more info.

*Recommendations from CBDGlass:

Artistic Glass – Adding an artistic piece can complete your kitchen design!
Decorative Glass – Adding a decorative glass backsplash or décor to your windows could add that unique touch!
Walls and Partitions– typically help create space and privacy but can also be a beautiful instalment that adds to your kitchen.
Glass Countertops, Bar Tops, and Table Tops – Not only will the glass keep your table top easy to maintain, it will also keep it looking modern!