Kitchen Countertop Ideas with White Cabinets

You just got your cabinets refinished or newly installed. While you had a wealth of colors to choose from, you went with white. You’re excited with how these new cabinets brighten up your kitchen, but now you’re not sure what to do with your kitchen countertops. Should a countertop renovation be in your future or can you just make some décor changes?

Here are some ideas for pairing your kitchen countertops with your new white cabinets.

Get White Countertops to Match

If you were already thinking of upgrading your countertops, then you have some choices here. One of them is to match the new countertops to your white cabinets. At CBD Glass, we allow our customers to design their countertops their way. From the size and shape to the glass thickness, color, and texturing, everything is completely up to you.

If you don’t want a white countertop, you can always consider similar shades that still complement the white hue. These include ivory, eggshell, light gray, and silver. The classiness of your kitchen will be unmatched.

Add a Pop of Color

If you have a white countertop and white kitchen cabinets, then we’re going to assume you’ve decorated the rest of your kitchen the same color. Given that situation, you have complete freedom over how you want to incorporate other colors into the mix.

For instance, you can stick with your white glass countertop from CBD but add colorful bar chairs around the countertop. With your all-white kitchen, these bright chairs draw the eye to the center of the kitchen.

You can also decorate your new countertop with something funky and colorful. This can range from something like a vivid, multi-hued vase to a beautiful bowl of fruit (real or fake). Again, these décor options have the same effect, drawing the eye towards the kitchen countertop.

If you want a more permanent colorful addition, you can also get your countertop backpainted. This unique CBD service allows you, the customer, to choose from one or several colors you like best. Our CBD team then paints the underside of the glass. Now, when you look down on your countertop, you see brilliant color throughout.

Light it Up!

Another fun addition you can add to your glass countertop from CBD is illumination with LEDs. This is a second feature offered by CBD Glass that you surely won’t find from other companies. You can opt for pure white LEDs that will perfectly match your all-white kitchen. For those who like color, you may also order LEDs that shift through hues like green, blue, and red.

Not only do these LED lights look phenomenal, but they make your kitchen a safer place to be at night, too!

Ready to Continue Renovating Your Kitchen? Trust in Us at CBD Glass

We hope you feel inspired to upgrade your kitchen countertop this year. Whether you want the countertop to match your new white cabinets or you wish to do something different entirely, we’re here to help. Call our CBD Glass staff today!