Jazz up Your Bathroom with Glass Wall Tiles

With so many important fixtures in the bathroom, when’s the last time you’ve paid attention to the walls? Like really paid attention? You may have outdated wallpaper that’s no longer sticky at the edges (which happens with all the humidity in the room) or a dull paint job that’s faded after a few years…or decades.

Regardless, you think your bathroom could use some sprucing up. Rather than browse wallpapers online or pick the perfect (for now) paint color palette, why not choose a bathroom wall addition that will endure years of changing trends?

We’re talking about glass bathroom wall tiles. Not only are these timeless, but if you take care of them (occasionally cleaning them with warm water and liquid soap), you can enjoy walls that look pristine for many years.

Do you need some ideas for redecorating your bathroom? Here are a handful that may just serve as the inspiration for your bathroom remodel!

Simple Monochrome Glass Bricks

For the basic bathroom that needs no flourishes, monochrome glass bricks make a dainty addition to this space. These are larger, so they create a utilitarian feel to the bathroom. If you are interested in colors for these interesting glass bricks, a dark, muted aqua blue adds a subtle color pop.


Smaller Tiles

Smaller glass bathroom wall tiles are a more common choice for a reason. These too can be monochrome or as colorful as your heart desires. You can also get glass patterns or textures etched onto each tile so your bathroom walls look more like a unique piece of artwork.

Mosaic Style Decorative Tiles

For those who really want a bathroom that’s as relaxing as it is beautiful, mosaic style decorative glass tiles are the answer. These tiles are longer horizontally and are often purposefully misaligned to create a one-of-a-kind look for your bathroom.

These typically look best if you choose three or four colors from one color family and then have the tiles alternate. Of course, it’s all up to you, so let your creativity shine!

Strips of Colorful Glass Tiles

If you only want to dip your toes into the glass wall tiles trend, just get a thick strip of these tiles installed in one place on your bathroom wall. Whether you choose a rainbow of alternating colors or a more neutral palette, these glass tiles will undoubtedly stand out. This is especially true if the rest of your bathroom walls are rather simple.

For these great glass bathroom wall tiles and other glass accent pieces, shop CBD Glass Countertops. Our portfolio includes glass shower doors and enclosures, decorative glass accent pieces, sinks and vanities, backsplashes for the kitchen, glass furniture, and so much more.

Even better, you can customize any of the glass items we manufacture, including our glass bathroom wall tiles. Whether you like bursts or color or you prefer to keep your designs on the stark side, we’ll work to accommodate your ideas.

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