It’s Time to Organize the House with Glass Shelves

Have you checked the calendar lately? It’s pretty much summertime! In just a few short weeks, the kids will finish school until September. They’ll spend every day at home, or at least the mornings and evenings. With them around, chaos tends to ensue. Your kids go in out and, running to play with their friends, hit the beach, visit to the amusement park, and just generally enjoy their summer.

In their wake, they leave strewn clothes, phone chargers, sandy shoes, and this and that all over the place. You come home from work, eager to squeeze a few drops from your own summer, but you have to spend the evening cleaning up the kids’ days of fun.

Don’t you wish you could keep everything more organized in the next few months before school starts again? You can with glass shelves from CBD Glass.

Here at CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we specialize in customizable glass items, including glass fixtures. We can install our shelves on an empty wall without any need for a supporting structure. That buys you more room, since you don’t have a big, bulky hunk of wood in your way.

Do the kids never know how to put their shoes away? Are you tried of tripping over a soaking flip-flop or stinky sneaker as you wake up in the morning and trudge to the kitchen to get your coffee? Then you’ll love what one of our clients did.

These rows of glass shelves can hold dozens of shoes apiece. If you get the shelves installed near your home’s entryway or hall closet, your kids will never have an excuse for kicking their shoes off and leaving them wherever. They’ll keep their shoes in sight and off the floor. Your house will already look miles cleaner.

If it’s knickknacks, books, and other stuff that always disappears without a trace, then this client’s glass shelves ought to inspire you.

These sectioned shelves, arranged in a corner to fit in a closet, would look great in a living room, entertainment room, or even a bedroom. You can take each section and organize what you put on the shelves that way.

As you can see from those two examples, there’s no limit to your options when you order your glass shelves or other fixtures through us at CBD Glass. We let you customize everything from the ground up. You can select your glass shelf thickness, its size, shape, and even the color. If you want textured glass to give the shelves a little more oomph, we offer that service, too.

You might even elect to get your glass shelves backlit like this happy customer did.

If you’re ready to begin discussing your glass shelving project in time for the summer, then get in touch with us at CBD Glass. You can get a quote from us through our website. We request as much information about your project as possible, including drawings and blueprints if you have them. Reach out to us today!