Is Glass Harder Than Granite?

As you investigated materials for your new countertop or tabletop, two of the materials that interested you the most are glass and granite. Both seem durable, and they certainly have their respective appeal.

That has you wondering about the strength of glass versus granite and vice-versa. Which one of these materials is harder?

Friedrich Mohs, in 1812, created a scale that’s still used to compare the hardness of various materials today. This is called the Mohs scale. Mohs, who worked as a mineralogist and geologist, certainly knew a thing or two about diamonds, granite, and everything in between.

So, to determine whether glass is harder than granite, let’s take a closer look at the Mohs scale.

1: Materials rated a 1 are considered the softest. In this spot on the scale is talc, a type of clay mineral with hydrated magnesium silicate. Soapstone, which comes from talc, is also considered the softest material on the Mohs scale.

2: Gypsum is the second hardest material. It’s a sulfate with a hardness equivalent of your fingernail.

3: A type of mineral that forms rocks, calcite is number three on the Mohs scale. According to that scale, calcite has the same hardness as a copper coin.

4: One of the fourth hardest materials is marble. This metamorphic rock is a common material choice for countertops. Fluorite, a gemstone, is just as hard.

5: No, not appetite, but apatite, a mineral, is the fifth hardest. Apatite, which comes from phosphate, contains small amounts of chlorine and fluorine as well. It’s sometimes green and other times purple. Apatite is said to be as hard as glass or a knife.

6: Granite is classified as the sixth hardest material per the Mohs scale. Also ranked this high is orthoclase, a gemstone that becomes igneous rock. It’s on part with feldspar or steel in terms of hardness.

7: Quartz, a type of mineral with a crystalline texture, ranks as the seventh hardest material.

8: Above quartz is topaz, a silicate mineral with fluorine and aluminum.

9: Getting to the hardest materials now, next up is corundum. This occurs when aluminum oxide becomes crystalline. Corundum is technically a type of mineral that forms rock.

10: The hardest material according to the Mohs scale is diamond.

Now, admittedly, glass isn’t classified on the Mohs scale. However, if you go back and look, apatite, the fifth hardest material, is said to be as hard as glass. Granite, which is the sixth hardest, is thus one step above glass on the Mohs scale.

If you’ve refrained from getting glass tabletops, kitchen islands, countertops, or other accent items because you were worried about their stability, this should clear things up.

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