Is Glass Good for Countertops?

You wake up one morning to see a huge gouge on your countertops. You have been wanting to replace the counters for so long now, and this seems like a good reason to.

Whether it’s for the kitchen or bathroom, one material that you’ve been considering for counters is glass. However, you also have your reservations. What if the glass isn’t thick enough and it shatters? What if it scratches like your old counter did?

In today’s post, we’ll go through all the common concerns about glass countertops and discuss how accurate they are. Let’s get started!

The Rumor: Glass Counters Can Crack Easily

The Truth: Thick Glass Is Durable When Used Properly

glass table top

The glass that’s used to make kitchen or bathroom counters is not like your glass window. It’s far thicker!

That’s especially true when you order a glass countertop through CBD Glass. We’re a Canadian manufacturer of custom glass accent pieces.

Since we customize all our products, we give our customers the freedom to select how thick their counters are. You’ll feel confident that your glass counter is strong.

Now, no glass is shatterproof, as nice as that would be. However, the thick, durable glass that we use to build our custom bathroom and kitchen countertops is designed to stand up to everyday usage and wear and tear.

If you misuse your glass counter, then it could break, but proper usage will not cause that to happen.

The Rumor: Glass Counters Scratch Like Nobody’s Business

The Truth: It Takes a Lot to Scratch Glass

Again, we won’t say that glass is 100 percent scratchproof, but please keep in mind that no countertop material is.

If you’re looking for a counter material that’s pretty much as scratchproof as it gets though, glass would be it.

We recently talked on the blog about the Mohs Hardness Scale. This geologic scale rates elements like talc, gypsum, fluorite, quartz, topaz, and diamond and determines on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard they are.

Glass is harder than many of these elements and almost as hard as diamond.

A diamond could scratch glass relatively easily then, but we doubt you have diamonds just lying around. If you did, you certainly wouldn’t use them on your glass counters!

We must again stress that misusing your glass counters can cause scratches and gouges, but that everyday use should not.

glass kitchen countertop

The Rumor: Glass Counters Will Show Every Little Stain

The Truth: Glass Doesn’t Stain

Since glass is a translucent material, some people worry that a glass counter will showcase every little crumb, stain, and mess on the counter. You’ll feel inclined to clean your counter that much more often, which sucks up time you don’t really have.

Well, maybe other countertop materials will show all your sins, but not glass!

Yes, glass can accumulate crumbs and messes just like any other countertop material. Due to its nonporousness though, glass doesn’t stain.

From wine spills to olive oil, nail polish remover, and your favorite bottle of facial cleanser, you won’t have to worry about your glass countertops being ruined forever.