Is glass backsplash still in style?

Backsplashes are as much about looks as they are functionality. You’ve found several options that would cover your kitchen wall and protect it from errant splashes, but admittedly, none of their designs have jumped out at you.

You want something stylish and contemporary but not so modern that it will look out-of-date or out of style after several years. 

You know it’s impossible to predict the trends, but where do glass backsplashes lie on the popularity scale? Are they still in style or about to fall out?

Glass backsplashes are very much still in style. 

Glass is one of those effortlessly versatile materials that transcends trends. It can morph to look like nearly any material you can think of, which further lends it longevity on the list of popular materials.

A glass backsplash is an optimal choice for your kitchen or bathroom for many reasons, so let’s dive in.

glass backsplash

To begin, glass backsplashes can be translucent if you prefer. A backsplash is a decoration all its own, but sometimes, it’s a real shame when you have to hide the wall underneath. That’s especially true if you have a fresh coat of sunny paint or a unique wallpaper.

A translucent sheet of glass will fortify the walls from stains and messes while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the walls each day.

Another reason to consider glass backsplashes is how much design variety you have, especially if you order your backsplash through CBD Glass. Our Toronto-based glass artisans produce custom accent pieces sure to make an impact. 

You can order a backsplash that’s big or smaller, rectangular or circular, colorful or demure, and illuminated or not. There is no shortage of ways to build a custom backsplash.

We’d be remiss not to mention our glass texture options, another excellent reason to consider glass for your next kitchen or bathroom backsplash. We offer so many textures at CBD Glass that your backsplash can have a slightly divoted texture or something ornate like flowing waters or a star-filled galaxy. 

glass backsplash

As you contemplate your options, don’t forget that glass backsplashes are available in many sizes. You can protect a portion of your wall or the entire thing depending on what you need. We custom-build all our backsplashes to order.

Here’s something we must mention that sets our glass accent pieces apart. Your glass backsplash can utilize LED lighting behind or around the glass panel. The available lighting colors are blue, white, red, and green. 

LED lighting makes your backsplash look incredible, especially if you ordered textured glass. You’ll be able to appreciate the finest details. The lighting is also great for safety if you’re the type who likes to rummage around the kitchen for a midnight snack. 

So there you have it! With so many clear benefits of glass backsplashes, why not begin designing yours today? CBD Glass can provide a quote if you send us project specs like blueprints or measurements. Call us today or visit our website to get started.