Is glass backsplash hard to maintain?

Backsplashes are designed to get gunked up, but that doesn’t mean you want to struggle to scour the messes away from yours. This has made you hesitate regarding which materials you should select for the backsplash. Is glass the way to go, or should you choose a material that’s easier to maintain?

We’re hard-pressed to think of a backsplash material that’s easier to keep clean than glass! 

Glass has so many advantages as a backsplash material for the kitchen or bathroom. It’s appealing, contemporary, versatile, and timeless. It’s also designed for cleanliness.

glass backsplash

Let’s talk about how to keep a glass backsplash clean. It doesn’t involve much. You only need a mild dish detergent, warm water, and some microfiber cloths. Fill a small basin or bucket with water, add the soap, and stir until you see suds.

Then, dip a clean microfiber cloth into the suds and wipe down the backsplash. This will remove stubborn messes.

You can sweep away surface debris using a dry microfiber cloth before you wet it. You might be surprised at how much comes off!

Once you’re satisfied with the level of cleanliness, take a clean, dry microfiber cloth and rub it gently along the backsplash, rubbing in one direction. This will prevent streaks.

You can clean your backsplash daily to weekly depending on how often you use the kitchen or bathroom and how dirty the backsplash gets. 

glass backsplash

Are you still on the fence? That’s fine. Check out these further advantages of glass backsplash maintenance.

  • No chemicals required: One of the best parts of tidying up a glass backsplash is that it doesn’t need a drop of chemical cleaner. You can skip all those harsh ingredients that aren’t great for you to breathe in and clean with good, old-fashioned soap and water. 
  • Inexpensive to clean: The other downside of chemicals is how costly they are. Dish soap doesn’t break the bank, nor do microfiber cloths. 
  • Cleaning convenience: The next time you need to clean your glass backsplash, you’ll have all the products you need in your kitchen already. 
  • Doesn’t stain: Glass is non-staining, so there’s no need to clean messes in the middle of cooking. You can come back to them after you’ve enjoyed a family meal and not have to worry about long-term consequences. 
  • Nonporous: The nonporous quality of glass ensures that nothing gets trapped within its crevices, including bacteria. That’s a backsplash material you can feel good about. 
  • Easy to clean: Cleaning a glass backsplash is so effortless you might assign the kids this task. 
  • Fast maintenance: Who wants to spend longer than a few minutes cleaning their backsplash? No one! With a glass backsplash, you won’t have to. You can get it spotless in minutes.