Is a Glass Backsplash Easy to Clean?

Backsplashes are made to get dirty, as their intended purpose is to catch the messes that inevitably accumulate when cooking. In the bathroom, they can spare your walls from water splashes and stains. If you have wallpaper or paint you’re particularly fond of, a backsplash is a great choice for preserving it.

Since your pristine backsplash won’t look that way forever, before you make the investment, you need to know how easy it will be to clean it. If you’re on the verge of ordering a glass backsplash, you’ll be happy to know these clean especially well, and quickly at that.

Glass is advantageous over many other backsplash materials. The smooth, nonporous surfaces of glass lack the very small crevices and corners that germs and bacteria can hide. You can feel better each time you wipe down your glass backsplash knowing you’re cleaning up more. Your family will also be healthier.

How do you clean glass surfaces like a backsplash? You can skip the sometimes-pricy specialty cleaners like you might need for other backsplash materials. Instead, just take the same dish soap you’d use for washing dishes and a soft cloth that won’t scratch delicate surfaces. Moisten the cloth in water, swirl it in the soap, and wipe the cloth across your backsplash.

Make sure you move the cloth in the same direction each time for a uniform clean. If your backsplash consists of multiple tiles of varying sizes, you will need to take the extra time to clean the sides of each tile, so don’t forget these lesser-seen areas.

When you’re done, use another soft cloth for drying your backsplash. This should be completely clean and dry. Make sure you rub the cloth in the same direction across the length of the backsplash, just like you did with cleaning. This technique prevents streaks that will detract from the look of the glass when it’s dry.

What kind of messes might you clean? Well, if you touch your backsplash, fingerprints and smudges can accumulate. It’s okay if there’s a buildup of crumbs or even sticky materials as well. Glass doesn’t stain like other surfaces can, so clean when you get a chance.

A bathroom backsplash may develop hazy areas or hard water stains. These can be caused by minerals like alkaline in your bathroom water. Using the cleaning methods above ought to remove these stains easily.

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