Installing Glass Shower Doors Is Fast and Helps Property Value

Your shower has been nagging at you for months. Not literally, of course, but every time you’re in the bathroom, you get the sense that you have to do something different with the room. You want to go big and bold, which is why you’ve been budgeting for a while.

You finally have a significant amount of money saved up, so you’re ready to pull the trigger and remodel. The question becomes, how?

If you’re eager to improve your home’s property value, may we recommend a glass shower door for your main bathroom?

We’re CBD Glass, a Canadian-based manufacturer of custom glass accent pieces for the home. With our decorative shower doors you won’t feel that nagging feeling every time you walk into your bathroom anymore.

Rather, your bathroom will become a place of relaxing refuge. It will be the ideal place to unwind after a long, stressful day.

Our team will happily make your custom shower door dreams come true, designing the doors in whichever style suits your fancy.

Do you have an odd-shaped shower? That doesn’t intimidate our team!

As this photo illustrates, even if your shower enclosure is geographically structured with an unconventional shape, we can build you a glass shower door to match. Our shower doors are available in nearly any shape and size you wish.

When we say nearly any shape, by the way, we mean it! Just take a look at this example.

This textured, angular glass shower door is way outside of the norm. It’s sure to turn heads whenever you have friends and family over. You’ll also love your increased curb appeal.

Who says a shower door has to be plain and boring just because it’s glass? Certainly not us!

This happy CBD Glass customer requested a custom glass shower door fit for royalty. Our team more than delivered, creating a one-of-a-kind shower enclosure with a gorgeous filigree that’s also a more private space than previous.

Our team can even etch decorations into the glass shower door, as you can see here.

For this CBD customer, we etched a snake into the otherwise simple glass shower door. The effect is almost 3D. You can rest assured that your bathroom is the most unique on the block if not the entire neighborhood!

Of course, the examples above are just a smattering of what our team can do for you if you work with CBD Glass. Our years of experience and our track record of excellence make us the premier choice for your custom glass shower doors.

You can contact us today with measurements of your shower enclosure and drawings and/or blueprints for your project. We’ll provide a quote. If you’re happy with the quote, then we can plan the details of your project further and soon begin the installation.

Our team will wrap up installation quickly so you can begin enjoying your new glass shower doors. The entire bathroom will feel like a fresh space.

If you’re interested in contacting our team, give us a call at 1-855-872-4223.