Incorporating Glass Counters in Small Spaces: Tips and Tricks

Custom glass countertops

Small homes are charming in their own right, inspiring us with their simplicity and the accompanying urge to strip back. And while you’re perfectly content living in a small space most of the time, you wished you had more room in the kitchen and bathroom, especially.

That’s a common complaint, even in larger homes. Fortunately, you have plenty of options at your fingertips for maximizing the available space in your home. Just follow these smart pointers to make it happen!

Keep Your Glass Counter Design Simple

Glass is beautiful, timeless, low-maintenance, and stain-proof. Besides those fantastic advantages, it also has the benefit of creating the illusion of greater space. This is just like using the mirror trick to make a living room or sitting room look larger, but with your glass countertop instead.

However, the illusion works best with a simpler counter design. Keep the decorative elements to a minimum so the translucency of the glass can work its magic. 

Take Full Advantage of Available Storage Space

Tempered glass counters

From cabinets to cubbies, anything attached to your glass counter that you can use to store items, do it. It’s a lot easier to maximize bathroom storage if you only have sparse cabinet space, but in the kitchen, it becomes decidedly harder.

After all, what are you supposed to do with larger tabletop appliances like a mixer or air fryer? Well, you can leave them on the counter all the time, or you can try this next tip…

Have a Backup Storage Area 

Although it’s more convenient to have all the items you need within arm’s reach, if you’re working with a smaller space, that’s not always possible. Once you’ve maxed out all the storage in and around your glass counter, it’s time to move to an adjacent area and keep spare items there.

That might mean storing some bathroom supplies in a linen closet across the hall or keeping rarely-used kitchen appliances down the basement until the time comes to dust them out and plug them in. 

Use Wall Space as Available 

Another solution for storing essentials in a small space is to complement your glass counter cabinets with wall storage options. Slatwall panels with hooks or hanging shelves allow you to keep the items you use all the time right where you can see and easily reach them. 

Try Open Shelving 


You should also consider open shelving. Rather than limit the shelves to only your walls, you can use open shelving in your glass counters and elsewhere in the room, stacking and storing items on the racks. 

The one downside of open shelving is that it doesn’t preserve any privacy. That’s not such a big deal in the kitchen but depending on what you store in the bathroom (such as prescription medications or treatments for sensitive issues), you might want more discretion. 

Use LED Lighting 

Residential glass counters

This last pointer might seem unrelated to your plight, but it’s anything but. Illuminating a room well is key to making it look larger, a tip that applies to the kitchen and bathroom alike. CBD Glass offers LED lighting for your custom glass counter.

You can select from all-white or RGB lights to add color, shine, and personality to your space. Oh, and the illusion of size! You can’t forget that.