Imagine the Design Possibilities with Glass Bricks from CBD Glass

We live in an era of do-it-yourself or DIY projects, where almost any job can be finished by hand with some willpower and basic knowledge. If you’re thinking of remodeling a room (or two or several) in your house, it’s alarmingly easy to do some research online and find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of options at your disposal.

When thinking of the long-term curb appeal of your home though, not just any DIY project will do. You want something that is classy and will look timeless yet sophisticated for years to come. Glass bricks from CBD Glass are a fantastic home remodeling project. These are also ideal for commercial projects.

Glass bricks

Initially, you may shy away from glass materials because you probably think these are fragile. At CBD Glass, all products are made of thick, durable glass, including these heavy, lasting bricks. That makes them great to use as accent pieces, tiles for walls, and even as shelving. The only limit is your imagination.

Is your bathroom looking a little drab? Spruce it up with glass brick tiles in the walls. These add an instant sense of luxury to the bathroom without you having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a new sink, tub, or other fixtures. Is your living room looking a little bare? Arranging these bricks into various shapes and adorning these on your walls will be a conversation-starter for sure. No guest will be able to resist asking where you got your glass bricks from.

glass brick1

Do you have a man cave and want to keep your accessories simple? CBD Glass understands and recommends using glass bricks as shelves. These look great on brick walls, but any other kind of wall works too. These are installed partially jutting out so that you can display your favorite action figures, vintage bottles of wine, or any other trophy or trinket you want.

At CBD Glass, your ideas can become a reality. While glass bricks are naturally rectangular in shape, they don’t have to stay that way. The staff here can shave off the edges, making these rounded if you want a glass brick pattern on your wall. While glass is beautiful on its own, it is colorless. If you want to add some pizzazz to any room in your home, CBD Glass also offers colored glass bricks. The luminous color, available in any hue, is obtained by backpainting a portion of the glass.


You may find that after getting your new glass bricks installed from CBD Glass that your room looks so fresh that you don’t have to spend any more money remodeling. To get started planning your glass brick project with CBD Glass, simply go online and fill in your basic contact information. Make sure to include the measurements of the glass you want. If you have a picture or a blueprint, you can attach this.

With glass bricks, that home remodeling project will be a breeze. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a beautiful home when you choose glass accents, shelves, wall adornments, and more from CBD Glass.