How to Style Your Kitchen with Glass Counters

We put so much love into our kitchens, with the counters being one of the biggest focal points. You’ve pondered a lot lately and have ultimately decided that your counters could use an overhaul. 

You’ve opted for glass kitchen counters but feel unsure about how to proceed with styling them. Luckily, you have no shortage of options, especially if you order your counters from CBD Glass, so let’s explore what you can do. 

Wavy Glass Countertop 

Custom glass countertops

Gone are the days where your counter must be all straight lines and angular edges. At CBD Glass, your trusted choice for custom glass accent pieces, we can build you a glass counter in any shape or size you wish.

This happy CBD customer only asked for a subtle curve in their counter, which we more than delivered. The slight undulation near the sink expands the area, allowing for more cabinet space while also boosting the visual intrigue.

Extended Glass Countertop

Kitchen glass counters

Taken right from our CBD showroom is this incredible example that shows just how innovative glass countertops continue to be. Customers love glass as a counter material because it’s so easy to clean, so why stop the glass at the counter’s edge?

This design spills down the sides to the floor. Not only does the additional glass make it easy to keep your counter spic and span, but it adds visual intrigue. We recommend our LED illumination and glass texturing for a head-turning kitchen counter.

Glass Counter and Matching Kitchen Island

Bathroom glass counter

Create cohesiveness in your kitchen by pairing the center island with your new countertops. Our CBD customer requested unity between the two features, selecting our Ultra Clear glass base, which is entirely translucent, at a thickness of 1 ½ inches for the countertop and kitchen island. 

Further, they selected our popular glass texture called Melting Ice and subtle white LED illumination to cast a pale glow across the entire kitchen.

Opulent Backpainted Glass Backsplash


Our experts at CBD Glass have produced tailored home accent pieces to customers throughout Canada and beyond for many years. That’s why our talented team can offer such unique services as glass backpainting.

By adding a layer of color to the back of a glass panel, it really shines and gets new dimension. Nowhere is that illustrated more clearly than in this example, where a CBD customer with an eye for luxury requested backpainting using a combination of amber and gold hues.

The combination glass sink and backsplash perfectly match the fine gold details of their white cabinetry. 

We’re Ready to Help You Design Your Best Glass Counters

Styling your kitchen with glass counters is effortless when you have a dependable, experienced team like CBD Glass in your corner. We can build the glass kitchen counter you’ve always wanted, whether on its own or with a matching backsplash and/or glass island. 

Call our experts to begin planning your project. We only ask for some measurements or a blueprint, and we’ll move forward from there.