How to Repair a Scratched Glass Kitchen Countertop

Maybe it happened over the Thanksgiving weekend or some other time, but you were cleaning up your glass kitchen countertop the other day only to notice a small scratch. Whether you did it or another member of your family did, what matters is that it’s done.

Sure, you could find a piece of décor to cover the unsightly scratch, but that’s not going to make it disappear. Instead, repairing it will. Yes, that’s right, it’s possible to patch up the scratch in your glass countertop and have it looking as good as new. How, you ask? Make sure you follow the steps and advice in this post.

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Nail Polish

Colored nail polish would obviously take your glass countertop scratch from bad to worse, but translucent top coat is a great solution for erasing scratches. Before you use it, you want to make sure your glass surface is clean and polished. It should also be fully dried.

Then you want to open up your bottle of top coat, dip the applicator brush into the bottle, and apply the top coat over your scratch. Focus only on the scratched glass and avoid getting the nail polish anywhere else. After about 60 minutes, the top coat should be completely dry.

You don’t want to keep nail polish on your glass countertop forever, so make sure you use a nail polish remover, again, only applying where you added the nail polish. When you’re done, you should notice your scratch is gone!

Baking Soda

Another preferred method for ridding your glass countertop of scratches is to use baking soda. You should mix this with water, about a tablespoon of each. Keep stirring both ingredients until they’re incorporated into a paste.

Now, with a soft cloth (preferably one made of microfiber or a similar material), dip it into your baking soda/water mixture, getting a decent amount of the paste on the cloth. Rotate around the scratch in 30-second increments. Once you’re satisfied with your work, clean the countertop and polish it. You shouldn’t see a scratch anymore.

Metal Polish

If you have any metal polish lying around (yes, the product meant for shining up metal surfaces), you can use this on your glass countertop as well. Once again, you want to start with clean, dry glass. Next, take a soft cloth like you did before and dab on a tiny amount of the metal polish. Less is more here as metal polish is like a sander. Using too much can add more texture to your glass than what you’d prefer.

With your hand firmly gripping the cloth, apply the metal polish to your glass countertop, rubbing in a circular motion as you do so. After 30 seconds, take a break, assess the damage, and continue for another 30 seconds if necessary. Make sure you use the product you have on the cloth but nothing more.

There you go, three tried and tested methods for removing scratches from your glass countertop. If you’d rather got with the kind of quality glass countertop that is much more scratch resistant you can always contact us at CBD Glass.