How to Remove Stains from a Kitchen Countertop

When you first noticed that stain on your kitchen countertop, you thought it would come out with a little bit of soap, water, and elbow grease. Admittedly, you let it sit for longer than you probably should have. Now, when you come back to the stain, you realize it’s not coming out so easily at all.

Oh no. Did you just accidentally ruin your countertop because you waited? Not necessarily. Most stains can be cleaned from countertop surfaces. Here are some steps to follow to get rid of those pesky stains for good.

Clean It as Soon as You Spot It

By getting into the habit of wiping down your countertop daily or weekly, most stains won’t stand a chance. However, we understand that everyone gets busy and life gets in the way sometimes, so you don’t always have the chance.

If not, then at least make sure you clean a stain as soon as you see it. The longer it sits, the more impossible it becomes to get out of your countertop. It’s just like if you spill something on your favorite sweater. You don’t wait to wash it or clean it, right? No, you get on it right away. Treat your countertop the same way.

Try Baking Soda on Its Own

If you did accidentally wait too long to tackle the stain, that’s okay. Your first line of defense is baking soda. You probably have some of this in your pantry or maybe even in your fridge. Take a sprinkling of baking soda and apply it over the stain on your countertop. You should rub it in, but don’t use a toothbrush for this. Instead, stick with a soft cloth so you don’t accidentally scratch up your countertop.

Let the baking soda sit for five or 10 minutes, maybe 15 at the most. Remove the residue with a damp or wet soft cloth.

We do recommend that you always try out baking soda on a corner, edge, or other less visible part of your countertop. With this trick, should the baking soda mess with the varnish or finish, you won’t have ruined your countertop too much.

Or Make a Paste

What if you clean up the baking soda residue only to find that the stain is still there? Don’t panic, as this definitely happens. It just means you have to work a little harder to get the stain out, but it’s still possible.

Now you want to make a baking soda paste. You can do this by mixing the powder with a small amount of water. Then, stir until the two ingredients become a paste-like substance. If baking soda had an adverse effect on your countertop material, then skip this step.

Put the paste over your stain, covering it completely. Use a sponge or soft cloth to rub it in and let the baking soda get to work. Within a few minutes, you can clean up the residue. The stain should be gone for good.