How to Measure a Kitchen Countertop

You’ve poked around on our CBD Glass website, and you’re thinking of ordering a stunning glass kitchen countertop. The problem is, you have no idea how to go about measuring your countertop for a new one. It is worth learning.  Not only does having these measurements help our CBD Glass team provide you with a more accurate quote, but we can ensure we have the materials in the right quantities for your project.

If looking at your kitchen countertop and trying to measure it is giving you a headache, stress not. In today’s post, we’re going to explore how to get your own kitchen countertop measured. Let’s get started.

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How to Measure a Kitchen Countertop

Before you can begin measuring a kitchen countertop, you have to assess the type of countertop you currently have. For instance, you may own an L-shaped countertop or a U-shaped one. As the names tell you, each of these countertops is shaped like the respective letter of the alphabet.

An L-shaped countertop is the simpler of the two. Installation of these countertops often involves welding or otherwise attaching two pieces together into one countertop. A U-shaped countertop will have three pieces, the longer countertop piece and the two smaller pieces that comprise the familiar U.

Let’s continue with the U-shaped countertop as our example. As we said, it has three pieces. The long piece, we’ll call side C. The “legs” or identical sides attached to side C are side A and side B. Both those sides should have the same measurements. Side C will have different measurements, with an entirely longer length than each of the other two sides.

Here are some pointers as you measure a U-shaped countertop. For starters, the length of the smaller parts (the top of the U shape, so the tops of sides A and B and the sides of C) should be the same. Also, if you take the measurements of sides A or B, they should be half the length of side C.

If your side C had a length of 125 inches, for example, then side A and side B should each be 62.5 inches long.

Once you measure the width and length for each part of your U-shaped countertop, add the measurements. If side B measures 62.5 inches tall and 25 inches wide, then you get 1,562.5 inches. Do that for side A and side C as well. Then add it all up.

Next, you want to take that number and translate it to square feet. If you get an odd number, push it up so it’s even.

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