How to Install Glass Countertops

Installing glass countertops in your kitchen can be fairly simple. For a smaller kitchen, start with one main piece of glass and a smaller second piece. The larger main piece is going to hold your sink and faucet. Make sure that before you start, you dry lay them in order to see that the pieces fit before you do the final installation. Once you have them lined up the way you like, pull the pieces back out and get them ready for installation.

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The smaller piece should be ready to go. However, you will want to install the sink and the faucet in the larger main piece first before final installation. This will allow you to work underneath the sink base later. Once you have the sink and faucet installed, the next thing you want to do is install some 2 x 2 ledger boards. This will offer support and balance to your glass countertop. To install the ledger boards, make a mark using a four-foot level. Mark along the wall to identify the top edge of your ledger boards. Then use a stud finder to drill the ledger boards into the wall.

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Other countertops that are made with thinner material may require installing an underlayment like some plywood. But since glass countertops are usually thick, you can directly apply it to the tops of the cabinets. To directly apply it, use a good quality adhesive caulking. Make sure to use painters tape to tape off the front of the cabinets in order to prevent the caulking from squeezing out and getting onto the cabinets.

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Once you have the countertop exactly where you want it, the final step is to seal any joints. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best type of joint filler for your countertop. Another useful tip is to put a little tape on both sides at the joint to help keep the caulking off the surface. This also makes for an easy cleanup.

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Installing glass countertops is something that most people have the ability to do. However, it is highly recommended to have your glass countertop installed by a trained professional. Here at CBD Glass Studios, we are committed to the highest level of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.  We only offer the highest quality glass with a wide selection of thicknesses, edge treatments, surface treatments, colors and shapes.

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