How to Determine the Right Thickness for Your Glass Countertops?

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The right glass thickness is everything when ordering glass countertops. However, if this is your first foray into glass, you might be unsure what the right thickness for the counters is. You want them to be durable but not so thick and heavy that they look bad. 

The guidance in this article will help you understand the right thickness for your counters, including kitchen and bathroom countertops. 

Why the Right Glass Thickness Matters for Your Countertop

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When you order glass accent pieces through CBD Glass, the power is in your hands to select the thickness of your glass counters. We offer several thickness options for all our products, including our counters, to design and build your glass accent item your way. 

Before we get into the appropriate glass thickness for a countertop, let’s discuss why it matters. 

Glass is durable at any thickness, especially when you hire CBD for the job. However, thicker glass is even sturdier because there’s more of it. You can still break a glass counter at any thickness if you abuse the glass (by slamming items on it, exposing the counters to high heat, etc.), but thicker glass can handle more everyday use. 

If that’s the case, then why not always select thicker glass? Well, because it doesn’t look good in all applications. For example, while thick glass suits a kitchen countertop or kitchen island well, it might look a little excessive for a bathroom counter. 

This can throw your entire design out of whack, making you unhappy with the finished result when a simple tweak would have made your counters perfect.

Oppositely, if the glass is too thin, it calls into question the durability and aesthetics of the design. Think of a countertop with thin glass. You would be afraid to use it, and rightfully so! 

Calculating the Best Thickness for Your Glass Countertops

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Keeping in mind the importance of selecting the right thickness for your glass countertops, let’s review some points to keep in mind as you choose.

Which Room the Counter Will Be Installed

A kitchen counter commands the most use and thus benefits the most from being thicker. That’s also the case for bar tops and glass bars, especially if yours is fully functional for at-home or commercial use. 

The right glass thickness for these surfaces is at least one inch. You can even go 1 ½ inches depending on…

How Often You’ll Use the Counter

The thinnest glass for a counter should be ¾ inches. This is an ideal thickness for bathrooms or kitchen islands that don’t get a lot of use. However, if you plan on using the glass surface regularly, you must upgrade the thickness to at least an inch. 

Preferred Weight 

Keep in mind that ratcheting up the thickness of the countertop contributes to its weight. That’s not such a big deal when the counter is installed firmly in the ground. However, if you decide to renovate later, the counter’s size and weight can make it more difficult (and expensive, if you go the professional route) to handle. 

Glass Countertop Thickness FAQs

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How Thick Should My Bathroom Vanity Be to Match My Glass Counter?

The vanity doesn’t have to be as thick as your glass bathroom counters. You can select a thickness of about ¾ inches for the vanity. The glass here doesn’t have to be as durable since it’s not subjected to heavy-duty regular use. 

Are Thicker Countertops Better?

They can be! Another advantage to thickening up the counters is their ability to withstand weight. That’s especially important for a kitchen or bar counter.

What If I Chose a Thin Counter for My Kitchen?

All hope is not lost if you didn’t realize kitchen countertops benefit from being thicker until after you got yours installed. You can always add brackets to reinforce the thinner counter. The inclusion of the brackets can prevent the corners and edges of the countertop from chipping, which can lead to large cracks and breakage. 

Are Thin Countertops in Style?

In Europe, thin is in! Thinner counters (not exclusively made of glass) look contemporary, stylish, and sleek, so it’s unsurprising this trend has leapt over the pond to American soil. While the European thin counter is used in the bathroom and kitchen alike, you might want to keep yours limited to the bathroom for the sake of durability. 

Plan Your Glass Countertop Project Now 

Thin or thick, glass countertops are a smart choice for the modern home. They’re nonporous and don’t retain germs. Glass is also low-maintenance, stain-resistant, able to withstand temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and clean easily with no heavy-duty products. 

Why not get your glass countertop plans underway with CBD Glass? We can provide a free quote after you furnish us with your blueprint, site measurements, and plans. Call 855-872-4223.