How to Choose the Right Tempered Glass Countertop for Your Kitchen

Safety glass or tempered glass is used in everything from glass tables to shower doors and car windows. This type of glass makes a fantastic choice for a kitchen countertop, as you can ensure the durability of your counter.

This post will explore how to choose the right tempered glass counter for your kitchen, so please join us!

Considerations for a Tempered Glass Kitchen Countertop

  • Thickness: Tempered glass has a polyvinyl butyral center in the center of two glass layers, so it doesn’t need to be overly thick to hold up to everyday usage well. Select a glass thickness for your counter that you like, and don’t worry so much about the durability of the glass.
  • Heat resistance: Glass is naturally heat-resistant, and tempered glass cranks things up a notch. The heat-strengthened glass can handle very hot kitchen temperatures. If you work out of your kitchen, you’ll especially love the heat resistance of glass.
  • Color: Tempered glass usually has an aqua color, but if you want translucent tempered glass, just ask our team at CBD Glass. We’re happy to help you build the perfect custom kitchen countertop!
  • Durability: Tempered glass is designed so that the center of the glass expands under pressure while the outer edges balance stress. This keeps the glass intact for longer.
  • Germ resistance: Tempered glass is nonporous just like any other type of glass. You can prep and serve food on your glass counter without worrying about the meal coming with a side of germs! 
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Tips for Using a Tempered Glass Kitchen Countertop

Next, we have some handy pointers to help when using your new tempered glass kitchen countertop.

  • Tempered glass can break: It’s not that tempered glass is impervious to damage. Instead, when it breaks, it doesn’t shatter into thousands of tiny pieces. It cracks into larger pieces.
  • Keep it clean: Maintaining the cleanliness of a glass kitchen counter is simple. You can clean the counter with mild dish soap, water, and a soft cloth. Mix the water and soap in a bucket and dip the cloth in. Wipe the counter with the cloth until it’s clean. Next, take a dry microfiber cloth and wipe away the excess water. Follow the same direction when cleaning to prevent streaks.
  • Place down items gently: To maintain the condition of your tempered glass kitchen counter, always treat the counter gently. Don’t slam items, and don’t otherwise push the glass to its limits!
  • Treat scratches: It’s a lot harder to scratch tempered glass but not impossible. Recommend that everyone in your household use coasters and placemats to keep the counter surface scratch-free. If the counter does accumulate scratches, buff them by rubbing a microfiber cloth over the scratch, moving in a circular rotation.