How to Choose the Right Glass Countertop for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen has long needed a countertop upgrade. It took you a good while to narrow down which material you want, but you’ve selected glass. With so many great glass countertop options, you feel stuck yet again. How do you choose?

These pointers will make your decision easier.

Color or No Color?

To assist in your decision-making, it helps to start with small choices you’ll find easy to make. On that note, the first choice is whether you want color.

When you order a glass counter through CBD, you have the option to start with our Aqua Clear base (a pale teal glass) or a translucent base. You can also impart additional color through backpainting, our unique service that creates a gorgeous effect.

We can’t tell you whether color is right for your glass countertop project; that’s up to you. Consider whether you want your counter to become the focal point in your kitchen, as color will certainly do that!

colorful glass countertop

Think Outside of the Box

Next, it’s time to contemplate the shape of your new glass countertop. We know that giving you more choices only makes things harder, but you’re not limited to squares or rectangles when customizing your countertop if you work with us at CBD Glass.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your kitchen without any counter. Now think of what kind of counter would go well in that empty space. What shape is it?

It’s fine if you like traditional rectangular or square shapes. They’re classics for a reason! However, if you want to extend beyond those parameters and order a counter in a round shape or something more unconventional still, our pros can make it happen.

To Texture or Not to Texture

Another point to think about when selecting the right glass countertop for your kitchen is whether you’d like textured glass.

At CBD Glass, we offer an extensive variety of textures for countertops and other glass accent items. These textures range from designs that mimic the peacefulness of a starry galaxy to rushing water, melting snow, and everything in between.

Many of our customers love the texturing we do, as it adds new dimension and life to glass accent items like kitchen counters.

However, a timeless, utilitarian look works just as well in some kitchens, so you can’t choose wrong!

raised glass bar top

Consider LED Lighting

When you order a custom kitchen counter through CBD, you also have the option to select LED lighting. You can choose from LED colors such as white, green, blue, or red.

If you opted for textured glass, the LEDs introduce such lush textural differences that you might stare at your counter for hours.

Further, LEDs illuminate your kitchen at night, providing a safe passageway if you’re searching for a midnight snack! 

We hope the information in this post helps you choose your perfect glass countertop. Call our CBD Glass team today to begin discussing your project!