How to Choose the Right Glass Countertop for Your Kitchen More Tips

A kitchen countertop makes a stately centerpiece in your home, which is why it’s an addition that warrants so much consideration. We shared our first batch of timeless tips for selecting a glass kitchen countertop, and now we’re back with more.

Size Matters

The size of your kitchen countertop is as much a major point to ponder as its shape or texture. The size of the counter should be commensurate with the size of your kitchen, where a larger counter makes sense in a spacious kitchen, whereas a streamlined counter will complement a small or mid-sized kitchen.

Go Big or Go Home with a Glass Kitchen Island

Even if you have a lot of kitchen space, you might still opt for a smaller glass counter for several reasons. Sometimes, a certain shape looks best with a smaller counter. Other times, you don’t mind cutting down on the size of the counter so you can add a kitchen island.

A kitchen island affords more food prep space. It’s a unique feature typically reserved for more upscale kitchens that can drive up the value of your home.

You have the freedom to design your glass kitchen island to the same specifications as your new counter. You can also go in a completely different direction. When you hire the experts at CBD Glass, you have all the freedom in the world to create a glass masterpiece you will surely love.

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Consider Glass Thickness

The next factor when selecting a glass kitchen counter is how thick the glass will be. You can count on the glass accent pieces from CBD Glass to maintain their quality and durability no matter the thickness you choose.

That leaves you with selecting a glass thickness for looks more than anything else. A thinner glass counter can lend your kitchen in ethereal look, especially when combined with some of our spacy textures and LED lighting.

A thicker, chunkier glass counter looks impenetrable and will become the focal point of your kitchen.

Pick Your Base Color

In our original guide to selecting the ideal glass counters for your kitchen, we recommended choosing from our myriad of colors. We can backpaint the glass, lending it a colorful, artistic appeal.

You can select from single-color backpainting services or request a combination of colors and even rainbow hues.

We also offer base glass coloring with our Aqua Clear or Ultra Clear glass bases. The Ultra Clear base is completely translucent and looks especially excellent with our backpainting services, whether you opt for something more overt or demure.

Our Aqua Clear glass is a pale aqua blue. It’s appealing on its own, which is why so many happy CBD customers have opted to leave the glass color as is and add only texturing and perhaps a white LED light.

Contemplate Adding Edge Texturing

Another great service we offer at CBD Glass that you must consider for your new glass countertop is edge texturing. This goes great with an already textured counter.

Edge texturing extends the texture to the edges of the counter to give the entirety a comprehensive, multidimensional look. It’s a small feature that makes a world of difference!