How to Choose the Right Glass Backsplash for Your Kitchen Style

Kitchen glass backsplashes

A backsplash is a great decision for your home, especially if you spend hours per week scouring the kitchen walls and counters, trying to get them clean and spotless. You can achieve your objective, then turn around in a few days and see that everything is a mess again. 

It’s either you keep cleaning or stop using your kitchen for cooking.

Fortunately, the backsplash is your happy medium. You can continue the joy of cooking and have a cleaner kitchen. 

You’re ready to proceed but admittedly struggling with how to decorate your backsplash. What should the perfect design entail? How do you choose something you’ll love for years?

These pointers will aid in your decision-making. 

Considerations for Your Kitchen Backsplash – How to Narrow Your Options


The first choice to make regarding your backsplash is its material. Glass is among the most popular choices (and for good reason!), but your other options include marble, faux wood, and wall tile.

If you opt for wood, triple-check that it’s not the real deal. Real wood warps when it gets wet, and it can develop mold.

Ultimately, if you’re weighing the merits of each material, you can’t go wrong with glass. A glass backsplash is simple, appealing, and easy to maintain. You don’t need specialized cleaners or strong chemicals to keep your backsplash shiny. 

Instead, you simply require a squirt of dish soap, some water, and a microfiber dish cloth. 


Backsplash glass tiles

Next, it’s time to select the shape of your backsplash.

This is one of the most fun parts, as backsplashes don’t have one particular shape. Squares and rectangles are popular because they cover a lot of square footage, but you could also opt for a circle, oval, or diamond shape depending on how crafty you’re feeling. 

Since there is no one right decision, that can make it seem even more difficult to make up your mind, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Consider how much available kitchen space you already have in that area; think as well where you most frequently prepare meals and how much space you’ll require for the backsplash. 

You also don’t want the backsplash to be too close to any cabinets, countertops, or shelving, which will also help you choose a shape. 


The size of the backsplash is arguably the most important choice of all. If your backsplash is too small, it won’t be helpful in catching messes, which negates the purpose of having it. However, if it’s too large, it can hog up the visual space in your kitchen to the point of distraction.

A backsplash doesn’t have to be the focal point of your kitchen. It’s designed to serve an understated purpose, and while it can lend your kitchen immense beauty, it doesn’t have to be the first thing someone sees when they walk in. 

Besides the aesthetics of backsplash size, you also have to think about the practicality. Wall-to-wall backsplashes are becoming popular, as they keep your entire wall clean from splashes, cooking oils, and other messes.

What if you like your walls and don’t want to cover them entirely? A glass backsplash is again recommended here. Translucent glass will allow you to admire your walls while preserving them. 


Glass mosaic tile backsplash

Whether a single piece or multicolored tiles, you have to give the color of your backsplash a lot of time and consideration. Will you go for a tri-colored affair or stick to one hue throughout? 

Once you decide that, then it’s about which color family you’ll go for. Perhaps you embrace neutrals, like grays, blacks, and whites. You could go bold with metallics, or even select bright hues for a multicolored tile backsplash.

At CBD Glass, a Toronto-based glass accent design company, we can color your glass backsplash any hue or hues your heart desires. We offer an alluring service called backpainting that lends strong, glorious color to your backsplash. You’ll smile every day when you enter your kitchen. 

Timeless vs. Trendy

Ah, the age-old question. Is it better to go for a timeless accent item or one that’s being talked about by every home improvement resource?

This is a question that you should answer, as it’s your kitchen and your backsplash. If you like trendy styles, then go with that. However, be aware that your backsplash could fall out of favor faster than you’d expect. 

If you prefer to be on the cutting edge, you’d have to then explore a replacement.

Embracing timeless styles means you only need a new backsplash when you feel yours has worn out its welcome. 



Saving the most important point for last, your budget matters. Backsplashes are cost-effective compared to most kitchen renovations you can do, but you still need a good idea of what the project will cost based on the materials and size.

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