How to Choose the Perfect Glass Countertop for Your Kitchen

Glass kitchen countertops can increase your home’s curb appeal and update your kitchen, especially if your current counters are made of a low-cost, outdated material like Formica. However, with so many options at your disposal, how do you choose the perfect glass countertop?

Here are our helpful pointers.

Measure Your Kitchen Counter

Before you fall in love with a counter that’s too large or small for your kitchen, take the measurements of your current kitchen counter to ascertain what size your new glass counter should be.

You might decide to downsize the new counter by a few inches lengthwise or widthwise if it suits your kitchen better, but that’s a choice you want to make ahead of perusing your options.

Consider Colors

The color of your kitchen counter is a major consideration. If you order your kitchen counter through the glass accent specialists at CBD Glass, we can create a glass kitchen counter in any color or combo of hues your heart desires.

Glass counters are a timeless addition to the kitchen, so we recommend veering away toward flavor-of-the-week colors to ensure your counters always look modern.

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s your counter, so you should choose what makes you happy.

Here are some considerations to mull over as you debate the color of your glass kitchen countertop:

  • What color are your cabinets? Do you want a darker or lighter hue than the cabinetry?
  • Do you want the counters to blend into the colors of your kitchen or stand out?
  • Will you add a glass kitchen island? Would you want that to match?
colorful glass countertop

Think About Textures

CBD also offers customers the option to add textures to glass accent pieces, including kitchen counters. Textures make the counter pop, creating additional pizzazz and dimension that makes your counter more of a work of art than a mere kitchen accessory.

We proudly offer an extensive variety of textures. We can add textures that look like a starry galaxy, a rushing river, or gusting wind.

With our edge banding, the texture continues to the sides and edges of the countertop, creating an eye-catching kitchen feature that will become the new focal point.

Don’t Labor Over Lighting

Many of our happy CBD customers who opt for custom glass textures for their kitchen counters will also choose LED backlighting. Our team can affix lights around the perimeter of the counter in cool white or red, blue, or green alternating hues.

LED lighting makes glass counter textures come to life. More so, they better illuminate your kitchen so you can cook with more focus and enjoy the ambiance of a meal with your favorite people.

At night, once the household goes to bed, the LED lights provide safe navigation through the kitchen for those who want a midnight snack or a late-night glass of water.

glass bar top

Simplify Shapes

Countertops must be square-shaped or rectangular, right? Not at all!

Here at CBD Glass, we strongly encourage our customers to think outside of the box, quite literally in this case.

We can build your perfect counter in almost any shape you wish, so please don’t feel like you’re confined to a boxy shape!